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Multi-functional LD Commercial Food Dryer With Patent

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Multi-functional LD Commercial Food Dryer With Patent

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Product Description

Multi-functional LD Commercial Food Dryer With Patent are widely used for drying and sterilizing powder, granular, flakes or colloidal form foods, nutritional health products, grain, agricultural and sideline products(rice, cornmeal), food, vegetables, and fruits, seafood, pickles,spices ( chilli powder, ginger powder, garlic powder, aniseed, cinnamon, angelica, cassia bark, fennel etc) , jam, a variety of small packaging and pet food mildew sterilization preservation.

Multi-functional LD Commercial Food Dryer With Patent of traditional Chinese medicine, also known as microwave traditional Chinese medicine dryer, microwave traditional Chinese medicine drying equipment, microwave medicine drying insecticidal, the same type of industrial microwave equipment, apply to heat-sensitive Chinese medicine, and valuable health herbs such as ginseng and other herbsdrying, sterilization processing.

Multi-functional LD Commercial Food Dryer With Patentfor herbs mainly use in drying and sterilizing for all kinds of tablets, pills, powder, oral liquid, medicine bottle, winebottle, Chinese- western medicine and medical gloves and garments.

Multi-functional LD Commercial Food Dryer With Patent

1Principle For KINIKAI Commercial Food Dryer

LD Commercial Food Dryer is composed of four main part,1Evaporator 2Compressor 3Condenser,4Electronic Expansion,Valve.5 Industrial Fan.

When it work,the refrigerant in the evaporator would valatilize to gas state by extract the heat from the air,next the gas

enter nto the compressor,then rise the gas,s temperature to100C,thirdly ,the 100Cgas pass into the Condensor(Heat Exchanger),The the heat would blow into the chamber through the industrial fan to drying the food.

Multi-functional LD Commercial Food Dryer With Patent

2Features Of Commercial Food Dryer

1. New designed enerLD saving dryer with two times waste heat recovery
Adopt closed type circulating heating or cooling drying, drying performance better than ordinary heat pump dehumidification drying enerLD saving over 30%, no exhaust waste heat emissions, no noise pollution, environmental protection
2. Economical:
heat pump dryer running cost just as 40% of oil dryer, 50% of coal burning boiler, 30% of electric boiler.Heat pump dehumidification drying method of the closed cycle, saving costs
3. Low temperature drying method(15-50°C/60°C/80°C),similar nature drying.
4. During drying, the material does not craze,does not distortions, non-discolouring,never degenerate, non-oxidize, drying completely,with good Rehydration, keep nutrient content;
5. Using our patented technoloLD: circulating heating & dehumidification, broaden the application of a dehumidifier in industrial drying
6. Adopt international brand name compressor, expansion valve etc
7. Adopt PLC+touch screen controllers, operation easily and more accurate
8. Adopt programmable control mode, can be set different drying curve, satisfy different kinds material drying methods
9. Multifunctions: heating drying / cooling drying / dehumidify

3Detail Picture

Multi-functional LD Commercial Food Dryer With Patent

More Detail

We have three types drying machine 1whole side blown.2whole top-blown,3whole bottom blowing for your choice.besides we can offer the drying chamber too

4Technical Parameter for commercial food dryer

Multi-functional LD Commercial Food Dryer With Patent

3Wide Application

LD Commercial food dyer suit in drying the bedding article,seafood,vegetable dehydrating,melon seeds, Peanuts, meat products, casing, tobacco, leather, mushrooLD, Chinese wolfberry, dried fruit, mosquito-repellent incense, cloth, food grains, dried noodle, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, paper wood, sludge, LDpsum, hardware products, chemical products, clay, coal slurry,

Multi-functional LD Commercial Food Dryer With Patent

Packing and shipping

We generally use the International Standard wooden case,with a polywood in it ,

We have the professional responsible for the carry of the machine,so there would no damage to the unit

Multi-functional LD Commercial Food Dryer With Patent


1We offer theOEM service

2We would calculate and recommend you the LD type and send you a drying unique drying material that suit your drying food.

3We would offer the packing list, form ,and bill of lading for you.

4discount are available for large orders.

51years warranty for every unit.

6We are 24hours online for your reference.offer technicla support


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