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AS059 turn key sesame oil pretreatment machine plant

Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Min.Order Quantity:
1 Set/Sets sesame oil pretreatment machine
US $3,000 - 200,000/ Set
Payment Terms:
paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability:
20 Set/Sets per Month sesame oil pretreatment machine
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Product Description

AS059 turn key sesame oil pretreatment machine plant

1. Description of sesame oil pretreatment machine

The technoloLD of my company for sesame oil pretreatment machine which mainly include the cleaning , extrusion,flaking ,dehulling and pre-pressing and so on. Considering the different characteristic of oil seeds and the customer requirements,we can provide you the special design, in order to adjust the oilseed to the optimum state,which will improve the oil yield and oil and cake quality,can provide the LD raw materials for the following section.

AS059 turn key sesame oil pretreatment machine plant

2. Application oil seeds of sesame oil pretreatment machine

Application oil seeds of our sesame oil pretreatment machine : soybean ,yellow bean,peanut, groundnut, sesame, sunflower seed,walnut kernal ,perila seeds,flax seeds,rape seeds,hazelnut ,tea seeds,hemp seeds,olive kernal,pumpkin seed, pinenut almond, watermelon seeds,redskin peanut and so on.

3. Flowchart of sesame oil pretreatment machine

Metering →Cleaning →Magnetic separation→Destoner→Crushing →Softening →Flaking →Cooking →Pre-pressing →go to extraction section
Second oil press

AS059 turn key sesame oil pretreatment machine plant

4. Main process of sesame oil pretreatment machine

a. Cleaning device:remove the raw material peanut in various impurities, such as: iron,
stones, clump, such as the plant leaf, clean up till impurity content does not exceed 0.2%.

b.Crushing machine: peanut is crushed into 6-8 pieces. In order to meet the requirements
of crushing, the peanut is suitable for crushing with the moisture of 7% to 12%.

c. Softening process:the purpose of softening is to adjust the moisture and temperature
of oil, and make it soft.

d.Flaking process:rolling raw material into flakes, and the purpose is to increae surface
area, destroy the peanut cell tissue, shorten the way of oil out from cake.

e:Cooking process:use steam cooking, inject direct steam and cook the flakes to meet the
requirement of oil press.

f.Pre-press:press the flakes to leave about 16%-18% in the cake. The cake will go to extraction

g.Second oil press:Press the cake till the oil residue is about 5%.

AS059 turn key sesame oil pretreatment machine plant

5. Extrusion process of our sesame oil pretreatment machine

Adopting the sesame oil pretreatment machine can both improve the yield of sesame oil and reduce the consumption. The extrusion puffing, on the one hand, can make solution lipase in the sesame oil passivated under high temperature and high pressure condition,then prevent the rice bran oil rancidity; On the other hand, the extrusion puffing can make rice bran be porous mateial grain, and increases the materials bulk density, then improve the permeability and leaching rate which solvent reacts to the material.

AS059 turn key sesame oil pretreatment machine plant

6. Drying process of our sesame oil pretreatment machine

The puffed sesame contains about 12% water, and the LD moisture for leaching process is 7-9%, therefore, there must be effective drying means to achieve the LD leaching moisture.Adopting counter-current LD can make water and temperature meet with follow-up process requirements, and improve the oil yield, as well as oil quality.

AS059 turn key sesame oil pretreatment machine plant

7. Advantages of our sesame oil pretreatment machine

(1)Different combinations of process can process various oil plants in one workshop.

(2)Use special intensified pretreatment technoloLD for aroma peanut oil to make it more aroma.

(3)Adopt advanced and reliable shelling technoloLD to meet higher requirements for protein content in meal.

(4)Extrusion treatment is used for raw materials with hard extraction, large-sized powder, and large capacity, which can reduce residual oil and solvent consumption, and increase the capacity by 50-80%.

8. Package and delivery of our sesame oil pretreatment machine

AS059 turn key sesame oil pretreatment machine plant

AS059 turn key sesame oil pretreatment machine plant

9. Many customers bougLD our sesame oil pretreatment machine

AS059 turn key sesame oil pretreatment machine plant

10. Our factory

Shandong Leader'e Grain & Oil Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a large-sized joint-equity enterprise which specialize in producing edible sesame oil pretreatment machine and it is also a sesame oil pretreatment machine , manufacturing ,sales as one. Our business involve in crude oil refinery machine equipment, large-sized complete oil equipment, small sized oil pressing series,grain and oil engineering designing,equipment manufacturing and installing,project contracing,technical service,new product developemt,the intensive and deep processing for oil by products and so on.

AS059 turn key sesame oil pretreatment machine plant

Please contact us

If you have any question about our sesame oil pretreatment machine, pls feel free to contact with us any time:

AS059 turn key sesame oil pretreatment machine plant

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