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Inductrial Continuous Egg Tray LD /Egg Tray Microwave Drying Machine

Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Min.Order Quantity:
1 Set/Sets
US $7,950 - 35,600/ Set
Payment Terms:
paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability:
230 Set/Sets per Year
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Product Description

Inductrial Continuous Egg Tray LD /Egg Tray Microwave Drying Machine


Microwave egg tray drying machine is a modern high-tech production equipment, has proven high efficiency, low enerLD-consuming and low maintenance during years of practice, it has changed the traditional heating and drying egg tray heat transfer method. It need not preheating and heat transfer, directly heat the egg tray from the inside to the outside at the same time. heating uniformity, no coking phenomenon.But the traditional hot air heat transfer due to temperature is high or low, resulting in coking and different angles of the endogenous phenomenon, cannot be uniformly heated.

Microwave egg tray drying machine can be continuous production, simple operation, can be single equipment operation, save labor,drying fast. Dried egg tray has good looking appearance, no deformation.

Features of microwave LD

1. Improve the quality of products, no cracking, no shrinking, no deformation , insect-resistant;

2. Drying and insecticidal proceed at the same time, good effect;

3. Drying fast, low enerLD consumption, lower the cost, increase efficiency;

4. No environmental pollution, particularly applicable to the factory which is located in the strict environmental requirements area.

The principle of microwave LD

Microwave is a sort of electromagnetic wave which frequency is 300MHz to 300GHz

.The water molecule in medium materials is polar molecule,under the effect of the r

apid change of electromagnetic field,its polarity orientation will alter with the chan

ges of the external electric field with the highspeed,causing the movement and frict

ion of molecule.so that the microwave field enerLD can be converted to heat enerLD

in medium to rise the temperature of materials.accomplishing heating ,puffing and

a series of physical and chemical processes,and so ,microwave heating is achieved.

Technical parameters of microwave LD

Power supply

380V±10% 50HZ±1% three-phase five-wire

Microwave Output Frequency


Microwave input apparent power


Microwave output power


Microwave power adjustment range


Ambient temperature


Relative humidity

80%, Surrounding environment:no corrosive gas,

conductive dust and explosive gas

Overall dimension(L*W*H)

7400*665*1790 mm

Transmission speed


HeigLD of the inlet and outlet

60 mm

Microwave leak

accord with a country GB10436-89 standards(



The pictures of egg tray microwave LD machine

Inductrial Continuous Egg Tray LD /Egg Tray Microwave Drying Machine


1.Package: wooden cases

2.Pelivery Detail: within 30 days

3.Transportation: by vessel

4.Delivery port: FOB Leaderngdao

Working picture

Inductrial Continuous Egg Tray LD /Egg Tray Microwave Drying Machine

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Inductrial Continuous Egg Tray LD /Egg Tray Microwave Drying Machine


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