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Watermelon Seeds Dehulling And Separating Microwave Drying Equipment

Pub Time : 2019-01-08 11:37:08
Watermelon Seeds Dehulling And Separating Microwave Drying Equipment

Watermelon seeds dehulling and separating microwave drying equipment features: under the direct action of microwave electromagnetic field, the material is heated evenly without heat conduction. Health, high efficiency, better expansion effect than conventional technology. At the same time in the microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect of the dual effect of sterilization. Compared with the traditional technology, the production environment is good, there is no thermal inertia, the product is crisp and refreshing, the flavor is strong, the expansion rate is high, the color is natural, and the loss of nutrition is less. In the off-season, the equipment can be used for drying, sterilization, baking, heating, puffing, curing and other processes of food.

Microwave drying equipment features:

Watermelon Seeds Dehulling And Separating Microwave Drying Equipment

1, microwave drying watermelon seeds quickly and evenly. Because the microwave irradiation directly affects the molecules of each watermelon seed, it dries quickly and the seeds can be dried in a few minutes. In addition, due to the "water-loving" characteristic of microwave, watermelon seeds with high water content can absorb more microwave energy than those with low water content. In addition, the electromagnetic field uniformity optimization design of the equipment ensures the excellent uniformity of microwave heating and drying.2, microwave drying watermelon seeds at the same time can be sterilization, anti-mildew, insecticide, preservation, effectively improve the shelf life of watermelon seeds products, so the watermelon seeds microwave drying equipment can be a multi-purpose, effectively shorten the process flow.

Watermelon Seeds Dehulling And Separating Microwave Drying Equipment

3. Microwave drying has puffing effect on watermelon seeds. If there is a subsequent process of crushing watermelon seeds, it will be of great help for crushing. Because the water vapor direction of microwave drying and dehydration is from inside to outside, and the characteristics of microwave rapid heating drying can make the water vapor pressure rapidly form inside the watermelon seeds, so microwave heating drying can expand the watermelon seeds.4. Advanced technology and continuous production. Continuous watermelon seed microwave drying equipment with adjustable power and speed can be switched on and off, without thermal inertia and radiation, and can be continuously produced 365 days a year.5. Safety and environmental protection. Microwave drying of watermelon seeds is a process that converts electrical energy into microwave energy and then ACTS on watermelon seeds to convert heat energy to complete the drying process.

As long as microwave power is controlled, microwave drying equipment can achieve immediate drying and termination. Application of man-machine interface and PLC can be used for programmable automatic control of drying process and drying process specification.Because microwave energy of microwave drying equipment is controlled to work in metal drying chamber and waveguide, microwave leakage is less, radiation hazards and harmful gas emissions are not produced, waste heat and dust pollution are not produced, food is not polluted, microwave drying equipment is not polluted the environment.

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