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Fry Nut Production Line

Pub Time : 2019-01-17 11:12:08
Fry Nut Production Line

Fried foods and nut products under the management of food production license include packaged foods made from fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and other main raw materials with or without supplementary materials, which are fried, baked (including roasted after cooking), fried, boiled, steamed, sterilized at high temperature or other processing technologies. Including: baked fried, such as fried melon seeds, fried peanuts; fried, such as fried green beans, fried amber kernels; other types, such as boiled peanuts, nuts or nuts sugar fried products (sugar fried peanuts, sugar fried melon seeds, etc.), walnut powder, sesame powder (paste), almond powder, etc.

Production Line:Key control links:1. Raw material receiving and cleaning control. 2. Formulation control during cooking or soaking. 3. Control of storage conditions of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. 4. Time and temperature control of baking, frying and ripening (including high temperature sterilization) and replacement control of frying oil. 5. Health control in packaging process.

Easy to appear quality and safety problems:
1. Food additives such as saccharin sodium and cyclamate exceed the standard. 2. The acid value, peroxide value and carbonyl value exceed the standard. 3. The sensory organs of finished products are mildewed, moth-eaten, foreign impurities and the phenomena of coke, raw and halo-flavor. 4. Microbial indicators of finished products exceed the standard.

Fry Nut Production Line

Production site:
In addition to the necessary production environment, the production enterprises of fried food and nut products should also have suitable production conditions for the enterprises.Raw materials warehouse, production workshop, finished product warehouse and inspection room, and according to production process sequence and product characteristics, each process is separately set up to prevent cross-contamination between the front and back processes. The production area should have raw material processing room, semi-finished product processing room and independent packaging room.All process operations should be carried out in good condition. Especially in the packing room, before and after use should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. To prevent food from being contaminated by spoiled microorganisms and toxic and harmful substances and foreign bodies.The production area of the sub-packaging enterprise shall have independent packing rooms, and other conditions shall be equivalent to the requirements of the production enterprises of fried food and nut products.

Fry Nut Production Line:Essential production equipment:Cleaning equipment;Cooking (sterilization) equipment (cooking, baking, drying, frying and other related equipment); Clothing equipment or crushing equipment or mixing equipment (with such process requirements);Packaging equipment (sealing, date of production marking, weighing and other equipment).

Fry Nut Production Line
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