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Small scale 10-30TPD edible oil extraction equipment

Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
CE & ISO, ISO-9001 and CE
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1 Set/Sets
US $80,000 - 1,000,000/ Set
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Product Description

Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd. has specialized quality supervision team with sturdy management system. As microwave equipment is newly emerging industry, there is no quality standard for many companies, while for us, we have established a set of industrial standard and put on record in relevant regulatory institution. We have complete ancillary facilities including NCT, CNC Bending Machine., conforming to GB5226 electrical safety standards.


2.Edible oil extraction equipment
3.High configuration
4.Filed installation

Manufacturer of Edible oil extraction equipment

What's kind of oil seeds our machine can process?

Oil press production line : It can process peanut, sunflower seeds, corn germ, cotton seeds, soy bean, rapeseeds, rice bran and other oil crops, those oil seeds can be processed by cold press method and hot press metLD. The oil residual rate is 5%-6%.

Solvent extraction line : It is used for large capacity low oil content oil seeds , like soybean, rice bran etc. It also can extract the rest oil from peanut cake, sunflower cake and so on.

Refinery production line: It can improve the cooking oil quality , you can produce different grades cooking oil (degumming oil, deacid oil, decoloring oil,deodorization oil), as your requirements.

What capacities machines can you manufacture?

Oil seeds press or prepress production line : 10-2000 TPD.

Solvent extraction production line : 20-1000 TPD.

Edible oil refinery production line: 1-600 TPD.

Why choose Yongle?

We have more than 20years experience in oil machinery, our factory have installed hundreds of plant all over the world, experienced engineers , advanced tech and professional installation workers will make your choice better and better.

If you are interested in our machines and want more information, please feel free to contact me.

1. Introduction:

Every kind oil seeds have two methods to process the crude oil out . One is press method , the other is solvent extraction (Leaching).

Pressing method: Oil seeds ---Pretreatment--Pressing ---Refining---Filling .

Solvent extraction method: Oil seeds ---Pretreatment--Prepressing--Solvent extraction--Refining--Filling.

2.Basic information of processing oil seeds:

Preatreatment machines is used for cleaning and adjusting the texture of oil seeds , to improve the oil yield oil rate and make them easy to press or solvent extract oil out , at the meanwhile , pretreatment processes can prevent from destroying by the stone, steel impurities .

General speaking , the low oil content oil seeds can be solvent extracted directly after pretreatment . But for the high oil content oil seeds , if you want to solvent extract the maximum oil out , first you need to prepress 25%-28% out , then solvent extract the rest oil out from the cakes.

3.The difference of pressing and extraction(leaching):

Pressing method oil residual is high, it is about 5%-6%. Especial in the hot process, the temperature is about 115 celsius degree , it will destory the protein .

Regards solvent extracting method , the residual oil rate less than 1% . It is very efficient . So it is usually used for process large capacity oil seeds . And this method is special suitable for processing soybean oil , because its processing temperature is low than pressing method , the user also can get a good quality and high protein soybena meal.

4.Professional advice:

If want to prceoss high oil content oil seeds , like peanut , rapeseed , sesame etc. and your handling capacity is lower than 30 tons , we suggest you chose pressing method . Because the extra solvent extraction line will add your cost .

5.Oil seeds oil content:

Raw material

Oil content

Peanut 44-55%
Camellia 58-60%
Castor seed 50-70%
Soybean 18-21%
Cotton seed 33-40%
Rapeseed 33-40%
Sesame seed 45-50%
Sunflower seed 40-50%
Rice bran 18-20%
Safflower seed 29-45%
Corn embryo/germ 30-40%
Walnut 40-65%
Flaxseed/Linseed 29-44%
Palm seed 50-55%
Coconut 35-45%

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Small Scale Screw Pressing Machine is advanced black seed oil machine, characterized by simple design,easy to operate, high production capacity and high oil output rate. Moreover, this Small scale 10-30TPD edible oil extraction equipment can be used for various raw materials, and depending on the oil content of particular crop you are pressing, Small scale 10-30TPD edible oil extraction equipment will extract about 90%-95% oil of it.
A Screw consists basically of a worm assembly,a shft fitted with spirally-arranged worm sections,rather like a screw.The shaft turns horizontally in a cage consisting of barrel bars that are clamped together forming a kind of sloted tube around the shaft.In turning,the worm assembly moves the oil-seed from the feed-end to the dischage-end,expelling the oil through the slots between the bars of the of the cage.The oil-seed,as it moves along the shaft,loses oil,and its volume decreases accordingly.Small Scale Screw Pressing Machine can be used to press oil from Peanut,Coleseed ,Cottonseed,Sunflower Seed,Soya bean,cocoa nut,argan,sesame,black cumin,almond ,pomegranate seeds,Palm Kernal and other oil-seed material.


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