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Automatic continuous 30-300 tons sunflower oil refinery machine

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Shandong, China (Mainland)
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CE and ISO
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1 Set/Sets
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Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd. has specialized quality supervision team with sturdy management system. As microwave equipment is newly emerging industry, there is no quality standard for many companies, while for us, we have established a set of industrial standard and put on record in relevant regulatory institution. We have complete ancillary facilities including NCT, CNC Bending Machine., conforming to GB5226 electrical safety standards.


1.Sunflower oil refinery machine
2.Production line.
3.Field installation.
4.Operation trainning.
5.Hot sale in Asia,Africa.

Sunflower oil refinery machine

We can manufacture three types edile oil refining machine for 19 years .Our refining

lines can be divided into three types:

A. Bacth type: It is very economic and efficient , it is suitable for oil refining small ca-pacity crude oil , such as 1-20 tons .

B.Semi-continuous: It is semilar with batch type refinery , but in the deodorization section is different . The semi-continuous refinery adpots deodorization tower to get ride of the odors , the effectiveness is more obvious. It is suitable for refining 30-60 tons crude palm oil .

C.Continuous:This type refinery line is suitable for refining the capacity above 80 tons.

Indeed , our smallest continuous refinery machine is 30 tons .

These refinery machines can refine all kinds crude vegetable oil .

Continuous refining machine is suitable for refining the large capacity crude oil , our

smallest continuous refining machine is 30 tons .

1.Degumming section:

General speaking , the phospholipid in the crude oil is hydrophilic ,when they contact

with the water , it will hydrate. About that non-hydrophilic phospholipid, we need

to add the P-acid to remove it . Then we use the centrifugal machine to remove the

oil and gum .

2.De-acidification section :

There must be some the FFA in the crude oil , we add the NaOH to neutralize the FFA,

at the meanwhile , it also can neutralize the over amount P-acid . During this period ,

it will produce many soapstock . We also adopts the centrifugal method to separate

the soapstock .

3.Decoloring section:

The main purpose of the section is for removing the pigment in the crude oil . First ,

mixing the oil with the moderate the active clay . Then pumping the mixture into the

de-coloring tower . Under the high temperature and vacuum condition , the active

clay will absorb the pigment . After this section , we will using the vibrating the wa-ste clay , if the oil is not cleaning , it will pump return into the decoloring tower

decolor once again . After decoloring , we always use the safety filter to filter the

decoloring oil once , because it can remove the rest waste clay.

4.Deodorization section :

There are some odors in the crude oil , such as the raw taste , clay smell and so on . At

this time , if you want to get high quality edible oil , you must get ride of the smells .

For our continuous production line , we usually eject the direct steam under the high

temperature and negative pressure condition , when the steam contacts with the oil

surface , it will take the odor away . And it also can remove the rest FFA and pigment .

So it is a crucial step in the continuous refining process .They are the main sections of

continuous refining line.

If you want to know more about our machines , please contact me .

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Our continuous refinery machiens:

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Small Scale Screw Pressing Machine is advanced black seed oil machine, characterized by simple design,easy to operate, high production capacity and high oil output rate. Moreover, this Automatic continuous 30-300 tons sunflower oil refinery machine can be used for various raw materials, and depending on the oil content of particular crop you are pressing, Automatic continuous 30-300 tons sunflower oil refinery machine will extract about 90%-95% oil of it.
A Screw consists basically of a worm assembly,a shft fitted with spirally-arranged worm sections,rather like a screw.The shaft turns horizontally in a cage consisting of barrel bars that are clamped together forming a kind of sloted tube around the shaft.In turning,the worm assembly moves the oil-seed from the feed-end to the dischage-end,expelling the oil through the slots between the bars of the of the cage.The oil-seed,as it moves along the shaft,loses oil,and its volume decreases accordingly.Small Scale Screw Pressing Machine can be used to press oil from Peanut,Coleseed ,Cottonseed,Sunflower Seed,Soya bean,cocoa nut,argan,sesame,black cumin,almond ,pomegranate seeds,Palm Kernal and other oil-seed material.


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