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organic rice bran oil machine with ISO&CE 0086-13419864331

Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
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1 Set/Sets
US $50,000 - 600,000/ Set
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Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd. has specialized quality supervision team with sturdy management system. As microwave equipment is newly emerging industry, there is no quality standard for many companies, while for us, we have established a set of industrial standard and put on record in relevant regulatory institution. We have complete ancillary facilities including NCT, CNC Bending Machine., conforming to GB5226 electrical safety standards.


rice bran oil machine
1.high quality,high oil yield
2.help installation and training
3.20years history,one year guarant

To get the oil in the rice bran, we need three main parts, the first is puffing section and the second is solvent extraction section, the third is oil refining section.

The flow chart to get high quality rice bran oil:

Raw material(rice bran)→magnetic separation→floury product separation→quenching and tempering→puffing(extrusion machine)→drying and cooling→solvent extraction plant→refining plant→high quality product oil

Ⅰ.the instruction of puffing section:

1.magnetic separation: Used to clear the iron impurity which migLD be in the rice brain.

2.Screen: used to remove the chaff and second head in the rice bran, in case of they will influence the oil yield and the desolvent of wet meal in the next process.

3.quenching and tempering

Quenching and tempering is the process of preheating so that to improve the temperature of the rice brain before puffing.


Puffing the rice bran is injecting high pressure steam and high temperature water through the extrusion machine, so that it can improve the temperature and moisture in the extrusion machine, and can also form the high pressure to process the rice bran.

5.Drying and cooling

The moisture of puffed material comes from the extrusion machine is too big and the temperature is too high for direct leaching, the must be experience to process of drying and cooling.

Ⅱ.the introduction of rice bran solvent extraction plant

After pretreatment puffing plant, the rice bran will become meal. Since the rice bran belongs to the low oil content, so use the method of solvent extraction can ensure the max oil yield.

The brief fundamental of the solvent extraction plant:

First, send the rice bran meal to the roary extractor, the meal will be fully soaked in the extractor by the solvent. Thus, the oil in the rice bran will be absorbed in to the solvent.

Second, Separate the solvent from the soaked meal and from the miscella(solvent and rice bran oil) .Thus, the separated solvent can be used for recycling, the dried meal can be made for animal feed, and the oil will be sent to refining plant for high quality oil.

Ⅲ. The introduction of the oil refining plant

Oil refining is according to the different usage and requirements, utilizing the physical methods and chemical processes to get rid of the harmful impurities and needless substance in the crude oil, getting standard oil.

The refining of rice brain of including: de-gumming section, decoloring section, deodorizing section and dewaxing(winterization) section.

After the above processing, you can get high quality rice bran oil.

Small Scale Screw Pressing Machine is advanced black seed oil machine, characterized by simple design,easy to operate, high production capacity and high oil output rate. Moreover, this organic rice bran oil machine with ISO&CE 0086-13419864331 can be used for various raw materials, and depending on the oil content of particular crop you are pressing, organic rice bran oil machine with ISO&CE 0086-13419864331 will extract about 90%-95% oil of it.
A Screw consists basically of a worm assembly,a shft fitted with spirally-arranged worm sections,rather like a screw.The shaft turns horizontally in a cage consisting of barrel bars that are clamped together forming a kind of sloted tube around the shaft.In turning,the worm assembly moves the oil-seed from the feed-end to the dischage-end,expelling the oil through the slots between the bars of the of the cage.The oil-seed,as it moves along the shaft,loses oil,and its volume decreases accordingly.Small Scale Screw Pressing Machine can be used to press oil from Peanut,Coleseed ,Cottonseed,Sunflower Seed,Soya bean,cocoa nut,argan,sesame,black cumin,almond ,pomegranate seeds,Palm Kernal and other oil-seed material.


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