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Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine

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Jinan, China (Mainland)
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1 Set/Sets
US $100,000 - 1,000,000/ Set
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Product Description

Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. is mainly focused on all kinds of seed oil extraction line rice bran oil plant equipment . Our company has established about 30 years . We have got much more experience in this field Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine . And On the Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine technology ,we cooperate with our Industry .University .And Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. have the professional engineer .And our workers all work with their certification . The rice bran oil plant equipment pretreatment process , the rice bran need to be have a magnetic separation Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine ,removing the small iron ,. Then we need to clean the rice bran ,wipe off the middle or samll light impurities.Then exrusion puffing , make the oil come out easily .After that ,Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. need to make the rice bran dry by Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine ,rice bran oil plant equipment control the moisture between 9-9.5 % . Then Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. send the rice bran to extractor for leaching .

Palm Oil Press Machine / Palm oil refining machine

1. Palm Oil Refinery Machine

Inputting Capacity: 5TPD ---1000TPD
Inputting Raw materials: crude sunflower oil /Red Palm Oil

2. Palm Oil Refining Machine --Degumming

Crude Palm oil contain gums, or gum like material. These consist largely of different carbohydrates,

proteins and nitrogen compounds, and can be divided into hydratable and nonhydratable gums.If these

are not removed before the fat or oil is exposed to the high temperatures used in deodorization or

deacidification/deodorization, quality problems can well emerge. This is because the gum can give rise to problematic emulsions that in turn result in a significant waste of oil that could otherwise provide revenue.Water, chemicals or enzymes These gums can be removed using either water degumming, other specialist degumming and special degumming processes. Hydratable gums can be removed using water, because they absorb water and then become insoluble in oil. They are then removed using centrifugation .

Nonhydratable gums, on the other hand, are normally removed using a form of acid hydrolysis or caustic soda neutralization – phosphoric acid is the most common because it is the most cost effective.

Adding such acids also helps remove any trace metals by making them form insoluble complexes.

Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine

2.1 Main Oil Refinery Machine in degumming section

  • Buffer tank
  • Blending Device
  • Centrifuge Separator
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine

3. Palm oil Refining Machinery --Bleaching

Bleaching is one of the key processes in palm Oil refinery, designed to remove not only pigments, but

also a wide range of other impurities. Most crude fats and oils contain impurities that have to be removed

for both commercial and health reasons. Modern industrial bleaching technologies are the way to do this.

Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine

3.2 Main Equipment of Bleaching

Heat excahnger
Blending Device
Leaf Filter

Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine

Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine

4. Palm oil Refining machine --Deodorization

Deodorization is an absolute necessity in processing palm oil fats and oils. How efficiently it is done

determines what you can achieve in your processing operations as a whole, in terms of removing odours,

pigments and volatile substances.

When processing palm oil and animal fats, it is crucially important to remove any undesirable

compounds that can affect flavour, odour, stability and colour. Deodorization is a vacuum steam

distillation process in which steam is passed through such oils at very low pressure and relatively high

temperature in order to remove any such substances still present after the preceding processing stages.

Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine

4.1 Main Equipment of Deodorization

Heat Exchanger
Deodorizing Tower ( Packing structure)
Free fatty Acid Recovery device

Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine

4 Palm oil Refinery Machine ---Dry Fractionation

In edible oil processing, a fractionation process consists of a controlled cooling of the oil, thereby inducing a partial, or ‘fractional’, crystallization. The remaining liquid (olein) is then separated from the solid fraction (stearin) by means of a filtration or centrifugation.

Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine

5. Company Indroduction

Henan LD Cereals And Oils Machinery Co., Ltd. (short for HHFOME) is a manufacturing enterprise specialized in producing oil and cereal processing equipments in China. HHFOME consists of Henan Huaxian Grain Machine Factory, Huaxian Hangpeng Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huakang Xiwang Biological Technology Co., Ltd.. Established in 1988, HHFOME covers an area of 63,000 square meters and has 210 senior engineering technicians. Our company has 202 sets of automatic processing equipment. Processing capacity of our enterprise is more than 3000 sets every year. HHFOME has obtained independent export rights and has passed the evaluation of ISO9001:2000 Quality System Management Certification. We have got 22 national patents, 4 international awards, 2 national awards and 2 provincial awards.
Main Projects Scope:
-----30-5000T/D oilseeds pretreatment project
-----30-5000T/D oilseeds extraction project
-----10-500T/D crude oil refining project
-----10-500T/D crude oil fractionation project
-----Oil interesterification project
-----Oilseeds protein, phospholipid project
-----Natural pigment extraction project
-----Grain deep processing project
Typical Project:
----30-1000T/D rice bran pretreatment, expanding, extraction project
----30-600T/D rice bran oil refining project
----150-1000T/D cottonseed dephenolizing protein
----10-120T/H palm fruit oil pressing project
----10-500T/D Non acid method biodiesel production project
----10-2000T/D corn deep processing project
Newest Technology:
---Energy saving oil vacuum deodorization technology
---Concentrated protein extraction technology
---Mixed oil extraction technology
---Mixed oil refining technology
---Molecular distillation technology
---Broken rice desaccharification technology

If you are interested in our automatic palm oil press machine,please contact us.

When Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. get the rice bran seed cake from pretreatment ,we need to put the cake to the extractor .Then the Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine solvent oil dissolve in the oil . We get the mixed oil . We heat the mixed oil by Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine . And the solvent changes gas . Then we get the oil from the cake .Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. want to get the one grade rice bran oil or two grade rice bran oil by Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine .And we must refined the crude oil ,by Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine ,decolorization , deodorization , deacidifiztion ,dewaxing . We wipe off the phospholipid , free fatty acid , color ,and smell ,wax . Then the rice bran oil plant equipment can be used .raw oil tank and bleached oil tank , accommodated under the structure on the ground floor. Then Palm Oil Press Machine/palm oil Refining machine cooler, conduction oil furnace, rice bran oil plant equipment steam generators, vacuum pump, water pumps, oil pumps and refined oil tank are arranged on the ground floor around the steel structure i.e.

If you have any demand about microwave drying equipment and edible oil refining equipment, pls feel free contact us any time.
Whatsapp:+86 13064099546

NOTE:We can specially design the machine according to your production's features.


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