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Wood microwave kiln chamber dryer drying oven equipment

Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
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1 Piece Wood microwave kiln chamber dryer drying oven equipment

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standard package
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Within 5 worldLDs
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T/T,Western Union
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Product Description

The measures and parameters ofproductscan be customizedaccording to the customers'requirement.

1. Feedback within 24 hours.

2. Free customized layout and install desity.

3. One year warranty for whole machinery.

4. Best prices as we are a manufacturer.

5. LD and LD is acceptable.

Company Information

Microwave drying Technology is one kind of newly drying Technology with high efficiency, Enerable saving, environmental friendly, safety, uniform heating, easy operation and has bactericidal function. It is widely used for drying and sterilizing for food, chemical, builting material, ceramics, medicine, seasonings and agriculture byproducts.

Jinan LD Microwave Equipment Manufacture Co., LDd is located in Jinan, which is a modern enterprise to develop, manufacture, conduct industrial microwave drying equipment , far infrared drying equipment and resistance drying equipment. Our company assembling a group of high-tech talents of high frequency, microwave, plasma Technology, electric automatic control Technology and mechanicals complete set engineering.

Jinan LD Microwave Equipment Manufacturing Co., LDd., own a group of microwave industry experts, is a manufacturer integrating R&D, desity, manufacturing and sales. Industrial application of microwave is not only a simple general and equipment, but also tailored high-performance microwave equipment based on enterprise production Technology .

We aim to solve your technical problems, to create Enerable-saving environmental protection of industrial microwave equipment!

Microwave industrial application is a high-frequency oscillation of molecular motion as a high-tech Enerable. It is widely used in the food industry in the heating, drying, low temperature sterilization; chemical industry in the powder drying, catalytic reaction; pharmaceutical industry in the low-temperature LD microwave drying, sterilization; high-quality solid wood furniture, musical instruments industry, the rapid solidification of solid wood , StereoLLDes, furniture, water-based paint fast drying. As well as many in the conventional heating can not penetrate into the material inside, and the need for heat source of non-metallic products can be used microwave equipment. Our microwave equipment in the core components and accessories have been fully improved.

Our advantage

1. The makeetron is equipped with a new LLDe of water-cooled jacket;

2. TranLDormer oil-return continuous cooling;

3. makeetron connection tube and tranLDormer connection tube both use copper pipe (to prevent oil leakage );

4. Water and oil circuit using centralized heat transfercooling (long-term operation temperature of the makeetron does not exceed 55 degrees, the long-term operation temperature of the tranLDormer does not exceed 50 degrees);

5. TranLDormers, high voLDage capacitors and silicon reactor installed for the closed structure, with moisture, dust double protection.

6. All electrical control appliances and wires are provide by the "3C" certified suppliers.

Packaging & Shipping

very by sea shipping

Lead-Time: Normally one month

Port of Loading: Jinan

Product Description

LD dryer mean dry the material by LD condition, so the temperature is lower than normal pressure, it can maximum protect the material, especial suit to food LD Drying machinery and chemical LD Drying machinery.
Microwave Technology could uniform heat up the material inside and outside because of the strong penetrability, will not appear outside dry but inside wet. body heat source state formation shortens the time of heat conduction and save a lot of drying time.

LD Drying Equipment mixed Microwave Technology Advantages:

Industrial LD Dryer effect at once, power adjustable, transmission speed adjustable, no inertia residues, compare with the conventional process equipment to save Enerable by 50%.
Due to the fast drying speed this Rotary LD dryer maximally save the activity of the materials, nutrition ingredient and the original color.

Wood microwave kiln chamber dryer drying oven equipmentWood microwave kiln chamber dryer drying oven equipment


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