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2015 Hot selling Multifunction Multi-layer Oven

Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
CE, ISO9001
Min.Order Quantity:
1 Set/Sets Single parts of Multi-layer Oven is also available.
US $12,000 - 28,000/ Set
Payment Terms:
paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability:
45 Set/Sets per Month More Multi-layer Ovens, inform us before the order.
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Product Description

Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. have engaged in Oil Refinery Equipment and Microwave Equipment since1997 in China,with 20 years` experience and 80 engineers,, scientific research, manufacturing, installation, commissioning.We can provide customers with design and services of 1-2000 tons oil equipment.factory occupied area is over 100,000 square meters,more than 3200 customers all around the world, we greatly hope to have the opportunity to serve you.

What's more,Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. is a microwave equipment, microwave drying sterilization machine, microwave heating equipment, microwave drying machine, microwave sterilization equipment, microwave drying equipment, whole grains microwave curing equipment, microwave drying sterilization condiment, Shandong microwave drying Machine, melon seeds microwave dryer and other products specializing in the production and processing company, has a complete and scientific quality management system. Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd.integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry.

2015 Hot selling Multifunction Multi-layer Oven

Product Description

Introduction of Multi-layer Oven:

The Multi-layer oven can be classified in to three-layer and five-layer, large, medium and small according to the different output and size. It can be classified into the electricity, fuel oil heating according to the different heating way.


It can be used to bake and dry the food. The dryer can bake all kinds of the inflating food, pet food tissue protein, peanut and so on.


1. The multi-layer oven has the compact structure, small occupying, large drying area, small surface area, slight radiating heat and high thermal efficiency.

2. The belt and the heat preservation use the stainless steel, it is very clean.

3. The net belt running speed can be controlled and change the food drying time in the dryer.

4. The temperature can be controlled willfully and designed according to the need.

2015 Hot selling Multifunction Multi-layer Oven






Installed Capacity

27 KVA

40 KVA

0.75 KVA

3.0 KVA


20 kw

28 kw

0.5 kw

2.2 kw


140 - 160 kg/h

240 - 300 kg/h

230 - 260 kg/h

0.5 - 3 t/h


5.4x1.3x1.7 m

5.4x1.3x1.76 m

5.9x1.3x1.76 m

5.4x2.0x3.1 m

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Shipping for Multi-layer Oven:

Packing: inside plastic bag, outside wooden case for Multi-layer Oven(Based on the customers' need adopt the wooden case or wooden pellets, etc.).

Transportation: shipping, train, express or upon clients' demands.

2015 Hot selling Multifunction Multi-layer Oven

Our Services

Our Professional Service for Multi-layer Oven:

1. Free consultation service before, during, and after sales;

2. Free Project planning and design services upon clients' special demands;

3. Debugging and inspecting of equipment until everything is functional before leaving the factory;

4. Overseas installation and training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

5. Provide basic production techniques and formulas;

6. 1 year complete warranty for Multi-layer Oven.

Company Information

Our Company Information:

Jinan Kelid Machinery Co; Ltd. is a professional supplier of food processing machines. Our company's Motto is: "Technology Makes Easy". We offer to cooperate with our

customers for mutual and beneficial development.

We have a group of experienced experts and outstanding engineers who do provide

the professional service delivery and installation. Based on the clients specific

requirement, we also design and produce the machines to order. We have through the years established good working relationship with some reputable organizations both at home and abroad with outstanding goodwill.

Our main products line include food extrusion machine, soya meal/meat processing

machines, industrial microwave oven, packaging machines, rice cake machine etc. Most importantly, we also provide formulas, technology supports, machine inspection service, etc.

All inquiries are welcome.

2015 Hot selling Multifunction Multi-layer Oven


Why so many customers choose us as a reliable Multi-layer Oven supplier?

1. Advantage technology

2. High quality material

3. Tight quality control

4. Accurate maching

5. 7 - 24 hours service

2015 Hot selling Multifunction Multi-layer Oven 2015 Hot selling Multifunction Multi-layer Oven

Contact Information:

Hurry up to write to me directly for more information:

2015 Hot selling Multifunction Multi-layer Oven

2015 Hot selling Multifunction Multi-layer Oven features:
1, Fast heating. Microwave heating is completely different with traditional heating mode. It makes heating medium become heater, do not need heat transfer process. Although thermal conductivity is poor materials, also can achieve heating temperature in a very short time.
2, Save energy and efficiency. Because materials contain water absorb microwave easily and fever, so in addition to a small amount of transmission loss outside, almost no other loss, so high thermal efficiency, save energy.
3, Heating even. No matter how shape of each part of the body, microwave heating all can make the object and evenly infiltration and electromagnetic wave list to produce the heat. So heating good uniformity, won't appear the endogenous phenomenon focal.
4, Mouldproof, sterilization, fresh. Microwave heating has thermal and biological effect, can sterilize and mould proof in low temperature. Due to heating rapidly, the time is short, can maximum limit save material activity and the vitamin original colour and lustre and nutrition of food.
5, Craft is advanced, control easily. Microwave heating just have the basic conditions of water, electricity, as long as control power, can realize microwave heating or terminate immediately, use microwave equipment can process automation control of heating process and heating process specification.
2015 Hot selling Multifunction Multi-layer Oven use the heat pipe to heat, rapid heating and cooling, small thermal inertia but high thermal efficiency.
2.Mesh belt transmission speed of the multi-layer oven can be adjusted and equipped with accurate and reliable temperature control device for easy adjustments.

If you have any demand about microwave drying equipment and edible oil refining equipment, pls feel free contact us any time.

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