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Fish Microwave Processing Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-18 12:03:57

Fish Microwave Processing Machine

Abalone is a traditional Chinese expensive food. Its feet are muscular and delicious. It has rich nutritional value and medicinal value. Fish microwave processing machine has the characteristics of high drying efficiency, uniformity, good quality and low loss of nutrients. However, it is very difficult to realize online monitoring of moisture and temperature changes inside the material during drying, and the drying rate is very fast. Therefore, a dry mathematical model is established. It is important to study the law of water change during drying. At present, scholars have studied apple slices, potato chips, durian slices, litchi pulp, wet sugar ginger, white fungus drying kinetics model and dry abalone rehydration kinetics model. There are also microwave vacuum drying technology applied to the research of seafood, such as microwave processing machine such as sea cucumber, squid, scallop, shrimp, squid, crispy squid and other products.

Fish Microwave Processing Machine

Frozen storage is currently the most respected food preservation method, which can guarantee the flavor and nutritional value of food to the greatest extent. Frozen aquatic products play an important role in the modern aquatic products and aquatic products processing industry. They are an important bargaining chip for the national reserve and regulation of the aquatic products market, and also the main product form of aquatic products in the import and export trade and circulation between domestic regions.

Frozen foods must be thawed before consumption or processing. The quality after thawing depends not only on the freezing process, but also on the thawing process. In order to ensure that the food industry receives high quality raw materials, good quality foods should be maintained in good quality after thawing.

Fish Microwave Processing Machine

Compared with the development of freezing technology, food thawing technology has developed late and has been studied intensively. The traditional method of freezing and thawing takes a long time, consumes a lot of energy, and the quality of food drops after freezing and thawing, which can no longer satisfy the increasingly high life of consumers. Claim. As a result, many non-thermal technologies have emerged. Non-thermal technology is the input or output that reduces heat during food processing. It includes physical non-heat treatment and biochemical non-heat treatment, specifically electric field, magnetic field, microwave radiation, high pressure and so on. Among them, microwave thawing has the advantages of fast heating speed, strong penetrability, uniform heating, selective heating, energy saving, high efficiency, and good quality of thawing fish. The method of studying microwave thawing of aquatic products is of great significance for better development of aquatic products industry.

The ice layer on the surface of the fish has a certain influence on the thawing time, but the effect is not significant. The thawing temperatures of different ice thicknesses at the same thawing time point are not much different, but the ice icing can prolong the thawing effective time period. As the thickness of the ice icing increases, the thawing effective time period is longer. Microwave thawing has some degree of inhomogeneity, and this unevenness increases with the increase of frozen fish levels. As the level of frozen fish increases, the longer it takes to reach the effective time point during the thawing process, the longer the effective thawing period.

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