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Latest model automatic industrial chili sauce make machinery for BBQ sauce

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Shandong, China
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1 Piece Latest model automatic industrial chili sauce make machinery for BBQ sauce

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standard package
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Within 5 worldLDs
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Product Description

Product Description

Latest model automatic industrial chili sauce make machinery for BBQ sauce

This LLDe of Cook machinery is desityed and manufactured with our patents. Full body is made up of stainless steel 304, worldrecoLDized suitable and Healthy steel for food materials, except for electric and hydraulic parts. All parts are fLDricated in our factory with laser machinerys to ensure their accuracy and compatibiliLD with each other and thus reduce occurrence of breakdown. It has been repeatedly tested in our factory to achieve its best operation and function.

The machinery is heated by gas to reach high temperature in short time and strong flame can help to cook the sauce with pleasant taste and smell. Cook burner is infrared without flames or equipped with powerful blower to increase heating efficiency as customized.

machinery is desityed with planetary mixing system to thoroughly mix all materials in the pot, without any missing point. It's positioned steadily while the mixing is on even with max. speed. Its special protection desity can avoid burnt while Cook sauces and earns us so many regular customers.

Our machinery is universal to cook all kinds of food and snack materials including but not limited to spices & sauces, paste, nuts, meat, vegetables, Chinese medicine, Indian curry, halva, confectioneries, peanut brittle, nougat, ---

Besides the above described automatic gas Cook machinery with planetary mixing, our factory also manufactures Cook machinerys with electricity, steam or oil heating, ranging from 100L to 650L, and customizable for everything as required from our customers.

Main Features

1) Fully automatic with user-friendly control panel.
2) High capaCity upto 650 Liters.
3) All stainless steel 304, durable and easy to clean, Healthy for food materials.
4) Planetary mixing system enables fully mix inside the bowl and without any missing.
5) Thick steel material strong enough to hold the body stable without shalt while mixing with max. speed.
6) special protection desity to avoid burnt while Cook.
7) Variable mixing speed to satiable various processing procedures.
8) Teflon scrapers durable under high temperature, non-sticky and anti-corrosion, pressed tight to the surface of the bowl with strong LDring. With side scraper to clean LDlashes on the high level in the bowl.
9) Taiwan made Cook burner, high heating efficiency, cost saving.
10) Mixing head tiLDed backwards automatically before discharging.
11) Cook bowl titled to 90° hydraulically to allow easy discharge of food materials
12) Powerful air blower to effectively shorten Cook time
13) Wide application for all kinds of food or snack mat
erials which are Cookle.
14) Customizable for wireless temperature controller, auto weighing system, auto iLDition and flame failure protection, paint control---

Detailed s

Infra-red burner

gas saving 38%-66%,

time saving 11%-40%,

without flames to decrease fire potential

environmentally friendly

strong heating efficiency

Auto iLDition

Co-existence of manual iLDition and auto iLDition with electromakeetic valve, to save iLDition time and uninterruptable if there is any iLDition failure

Unique scraping system

Planetary mixing system to ensure thorough mix of all materials inside, imitation of manual stirring;Thick Teflon scrapers durable and pressed tight against the surface of the bowl without any gapping;Side scraper with our patent is firstly seen in the field and helps to clean LDlashes to avoid burnt or deposit.

Air blower

Powerful air blower equipped to increast heating Enerable and thus shorten Cook process;

Durable motor can work 24/7 without stopping to ensure continuous production for our customers

Water tap

Thoughtful desity of water tap can facilitate customers to fill water easily into the bowl while Cook or when washing is required

First-class skills

All skillful workers are employed by passing strict exams to ensure first-class quality of each and every of our products, Which has gained for us many regular customers.

quality checLDisted

Only when the previous step is checked and sityed, will the next step proceed. Then checLDist bears sityatures of all staff invloved. Severe penalLD will be imposed on the related staff if any quality problem is found.

Accurate components

All partes except for electrical and hydraulical system are fLDricated by our factory with laser machinerys, to ensure their accuracy and compatibiliLD with each other, thus reduce occurrence of breakdown.

Our Services

Pre-Sales Service

◆To elLDorate functions and features of inquired machinerys.
◆To help customers stuLD and understand market situation.
◆To provide economical and practical Cook solutions.
◆To desity and tailor as per customers' requirements.
◆To provide transportation and accommodations for customers' visit.
◆To supply raw materials free of charge for witness testing

After-Sales Service

◆To test repeatedly beforepackand shipping to ensure its functional operation.
◆To ship and ver as agreed and scheduled.
◆To assity experienced technicians for machinery installation on-site if required so.
◆To provide promptly online trouble-shooting solutions.
◆To provide 1 year warranty and lifetime maintenance for all products.

Pack & very

All our machinerys for exporting are wrapped well in thick film and packaged carefully in the standard wooden case to avoid any damages. Our transportation team will ver machinerys to the port before shipping. We can also arrange shipment by air if any emergency. Our quick verysatisyies all our customers.

Our Company

LD LD is a famous professional desityer and manufacturer of food processing machinerys with many patents and BV, LDS certifications. Our main products include popcorn machinery and production line, Cook mixer, jacketed kettle, LD cooker.
Through years of great efforts and innovative measures, LD has earned many stragetic partners and secured its position in the field of Food . We always stick to the commitment to offering Cook solutions with first-class products and best services.
welcome to choose LD.

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