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Industrial Freeze Dryer Machine


Industrial Freeze Dryer Machine Product Specifications

1. Input power: 3 phase 380V ± 10% 50Hz;
Ambient temperature: ≤0~35°C;
Relative humidity: ≤85%;
Working area: no flammable, explosive gas, corrosive gas, less dust;
2. Microwave frequency: 915MHz;
3. Microwave power: 25KW, defrosting amount 0.5 tons / hour;
4. Microwave cavity material: 304 stainless steel;
5. Microwave size: 11000mm × 1200mm × 800mm (length × width × height);
6. Control mode: PLC+ touch screen control;
7. Temperature: imported far infrared temperature measurement;
8. Magnetron cooling method: water cooling;
9. Floor area: 30 square meters;
10. Cooling system: water-cooled unit or cooling tower (optional)
11. Microwave leakage: <1mw/cm2 (national standard 5mw/cm2).

Industrial Freeze Dryer Machine main features

The device can raise 25 kg of meat from -25 °C to -2 °C, which takes only 2 minutes to achieve. The 915 MHz microwave penetration capability is 3 times that of 2450 MHz microwave, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The entire thawing process does not require large sites, large amounts of water, no pollution, energy saving and environmental protection.

The thawing equipment adopts a single high-power microwave power supply, and the single output microwave power is 25KW. The thawing adopts advanced wave-transforming technology to make the meat standard package thawing more uniform, and the quality of protein and color does not change any more. The thawing amount reaches 0.5 tons/ In hours, the equipment is exported to Korea, and the operation is simple and praised by customers.

Industrial Freeze Dryer Machine Key Features

1. Rapidly heat up to -4~-2°C, the meat is easy to cut;
2. Can be produced continuously;
3. No pollution, energy saving and environmental protection.
4. Penetration is better than 2450MHz microwave;
5. Complete security protection function;
6. Low investment and small floor space;
7. Does not destroy nutrients;
8. Avoid bacterial growth.

Product use and scope of application

The device is used for rapid thawing of meat (pork, beef, chicken, duck, etc.), which can quickly warm the material to a temperature range of -4~-2 °C, which is easy to process, and can also be used for fruits, fish and shrimps. Box lunch and other quick return.