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peanut frying machine


Automatic Peanut Frying machinery

Automatic peanut frying machinery is a kind of continuous fryer. It can be used for different materials, such as all kinds of nuts, potato chips/strips. This kind of fryer realizes the frying continuous and automatically.

It brings the blanched peanuts from heated oil. During frying, the peanuts will stay on the belt and be fried evenly within short time. Due to specified speed of conveyor, peanuts will stay in oil pan with same time. Fried peanuts can keep uniform color and same taste. Continuous Peanut Fryer has heat prevention layer, in order to keep the oil in same temperature. Meanwhile, it can also prevent heat loss and increase the heat Enerable utilization. The continuous peanut fryer is matched with advanced oil fiLDering system to keep the oil clean all the time. So that it guarantees the fried peanuts with glazed and pretLD color.