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Multifunctional fish processing machine

Pub Time : 2018-11-08 10:01:28
Multifunctional fish processing machine

In terms of food value, the fish industry is no worse than that of warm-blooded animals, but in many ways even surpasses that of warm-blooded animals. Fish and seafood contain compounds that are essential for human development, such as essential nitrogen acids. Essential fatty acids, including carbon 25, which are not found in other products. 22 carbon acid and six acid, fat soluble vitamins, trace elements and elements.

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Eat more fish can prevent cardiovascular disease. Most of the fish products from fish processing mechanism, and medical nutrition for children is necessary for human food. Because the fish contains all the essential amino acids ratio grasp complex, determines the fish so high biological value. Egg nitrogen nitrogen fragrant acid in the emblem is a trend of grease anti hardening material, as one of the participants in the ~ animal protein products according to the acid content of fish eggs. Fish protein has excellent digestibility.

According to the digestion rate of fish products and dairy products accounted for the first one. Due to the presence of fish protein arginine and histidine, and high protein efficiency coefficient, so it has special value for the development of the body. Fish oil has not only high energy value, and can complete the bioactive substances. Since fish oil contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, with 5 and 6 double vessels of the one and only the Yinian eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, it can be used as a blood circulation system of medical disease And preventive diet.

The fish is not only depends on the characteristics of protein and fat, and their meat contains vitamin B group, B I, B Z, B 6. Especially in dark meat such as the Atlantic eye, sardines and tuna, there are many B: fish are vitamin B, one of the most abundant sources (1 one 12 micro kilogram / gram), which is a very necessary protein in the diet of patients. Lactation children lack this vitamin. Anemia and convulsions. Fish is rich in fat soluble vitamin A and vitamin D, vitamin E, B. According to the content, fish more than pork, milk, egg in. Fish and other aquatic organisms and many contain trace elements necessary for the human body, the first is iodized salt and fluorine, phosphorus, calcium and potassium, and iron and aluminum. Therefore, fish products and human health are closely related.

Feed and feeding is affected seedling growth and survival of sharpsnout envy the most important factor, the newly hatched sharpsnout seedlings raised in circular 50 jealous. L glass steel in the pool cultivation density is 30 per liter, tail, cultivate larvae in ambient temperature conditions. The salinity of 32 soup with rotifer as bait, 13 days of cultivation. On the fourteenth day, the larvae were transferred to L. L glass aquarium to cultivate, initially fostered larval body length and dry weight were 3.67 m and 32 m o. M g, stocking density than the tail / L. The use of 4 for feeding, 1. Every 3 per milliliter of Artemia nauplii; 2. 4: 3 milliliters per day. Every 5 per ml; 4 per ml of 6 every day. The test results show that the early seedling stage, the feeding amount of 6 milliliters per day, every day to feed 4 times, gradually from Artemia nauplii to Artemia as sharpsnout jealous of bait, have better growth

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