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Study on seaweed seasoning machine

Pub Time : 2018-11-08 16:12:30
Study on seaweed seasoning machine

Roasting machine is a tunnel oven, which is made up of conveying net belt, chain, variable speed electric flavor seafood, and is also a nutritional and health product. How to develop and utilize lingering vegetables by machine, far infrared heating tube, internal and external insulation layer, rack and electronic depression controller, and process them into some groups such as people's convenience and favorite food? The raw materials are fed manually and transmitted automatically to the lingering vegetable blender. Food is highly valued by many countries in the world. Japan has successively developed roasted laver with bright green color, crisp vegetable quality and intoxicating taste.

Microwave drying machinery and equipment

The laver dryer 2 is the same as the roasting machine. In order to increase the ability of drying machine to drain moisture, two drainage pipes are installed on the upper part of the dryer, which can drain moisture directly outside the workshop. The main parameters are the same as that of the dryer. (3) Porphyra Seasoning Machine: Seasoning Machine is the key equipment of this production line. Its performance will directly affect the appearance and intrinsic quality of the product. Therefore, it is the focus of this topic.

Referring to the principle of three-roll printing machine and imported laver seasoning machine, we independently designed a domestic seasoning machine. Except for the performance of individual domestic original parts, the overall performance of the machine meets the design requirements and has obtained a national patent. The seasoning machine is made up of a barrel of oblique rollers, a barrel of oblique rollers and a barrel of imported laver. The working principle of the machine is that the lower two feeding rollers keep in contact with the condiment level in the feeding tray, absorb the material liquid and continuously transfer it to the middle and upper part of the condiment level. Flavor roller;

The three rollers in each group were rotated continuously by the driving mechanism, and a thin layer of obscure liquid was printed on the baked seaweed slices sent by the baking machine; the seasoning liquid flowed into the filling plate from the upper funnel; the supplementary flavoring liquid made the liquid level contact with the surface of the lower feeding roller forever. The printed seaweed slices were made of the obscure liquid. The conveyor belt is sent to the dryer to dry. Finish the mechanical seasoning.

(l) The structure of the condiment machine is simple and easy to manufacture. Compared with the imported prototype, a quantitative pump and a speed regulating motor are omitted, and the cost is reduced by half. (2) The condiment machine is easy to operate and use, and is suitable for different thickness of laver slices. Once the adjustment is completed, it can work freely until the end of work. (3) The condiment roller is made of special sponge rollers made in China, which have poor quality and often break up, seriously affecting the quality of products. (4) It is difficult to adjust the level of the filling plate, and the surface of the feeding roller is not very smooth. There are bumps and bumps in the surface of the feeding roller, which result in the failure of contacting with the liquid surface at the same time. Uneven and uneven seasoning

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