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Seafood Microwave Drying Machine

Pub Time : 2018-11-17 12:10:36

First, microwave drying equipment

Seafood Microwave Drying Machine

Microwave drying is the use of microwave heat to promote evaporation of water to dry the product. The principle of microwave heating is the thermal effect of microwave and material interaction being absorbed. When the microwave propagates in the absorbing medium, it is absorbed significantly to generate heat, that is, it has a significant thermal effect. Absorbent media are most suitable for heating with chopping, but the absorption of chopping by various media is different. Water can absorb chopping strongly. Therefore, the watery substances are generally absorbent media, which can be heated by microwave.

Second, seafood microwave drying machine

Seafood Microwave Drying Machine

Heating with microwaves is generated inside the object to be heated, rather than being externally input as in conventional heating. The heat source of the chopper heating is distributed inside the object, and the inside and the outside are heated together, and the temperature is only uniform, which does not cause the phenomenon of "uncooked in the outer coke", which is beneficial to improve the product quality, and it is particularly important to greatly shorten the heating time. In the conventional method of heating, the heat source is external, and the internal temperature rise of the object is "from the inside and the inside". Since the medium is not a good conductor of heat, the heat transfer is slow and the heating time is long. The microwave drying time can be shortened to only one tenth or even one tenth of that which was originally dried by conventional heating. Microwave heating and drying speed is so fast, the benefits are many, the vitamins of aquatic products are less damaged and the protein is less denatured, the shrinkage rate is small, the rehydration performance is good, the taste is beautiful, and the yield is high.

Seafood Microwave Drying Machine

Microwave drying of fish and shrimp also has the characteristics of fast speed, good quality and easy preservation. The drying time is generally 5 to 20 minutes, which is two or thirty times faster than hot air drying. According to the microwave drying test of 515 and 2450 for plum carp, African carp and red shrimp, the anode current is controlled at 1.5 and 1.2 amps, and the transmission speed is at o.4~1 m/min. The drying speed is fast, the dehydration rate is high, and the quality is good, especially the test effect of the 2450 flat type microwave dryer is more ideal. For example, freshwater green shrimp is tested in this machine. The anode current of a group of microwave power supplies is 1.2 amps, the transmission speed is 1 m/min. After two minutes, the dehydration rate is 54%, and the dry moisture is determined to be 3o. 9%. To meet the needs of shrimp dislocation. Lowest power consumption and low cost.

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