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Herba Microwave Drying Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-20 14:23:23

As we all know, after the collection of Chinese medicinal materials, in addition to fresh use, generally must be preliminary treatment and drying, is an indispensable link in the circulation of Chinese medicinal materials, medicinal materials drying is a very important link, what kind of microwave drying machine can directly affect the quality and appearance of the product.

Herba Microwave Drying Machine

Traditional drying method is to rely on the sun drying, low efficiency, long time, affected by weather changes, such as short time can not completely dry the product, will occur mildew and decay. And the price that chooses equipment of drying of large traditional Chinese medicine material is expensive, use electricity cost tall additionally, be accepted by broad farmer household hard. To solve above problems, our latest research and development of a small traditional Chinese medicinal materials of microwave dryer, the equipment drying time is short, fast, flexible use, the price is cheap, in the process of drying can also achieve bactericidal and insecticidal effect, after drying the Chinese medicinal materials, product quality is good, can maintain the original nutrients, good color natural. However, due to the large dewatering in the drying process of fresh medicinal materials, the only drawback of microwave drying equipment for fresh medicinal materials drying is high power consumption, if the local electricity is relatively low or more advantageous.

Herba Microwave Drying Machine

At present, the herba microwave drying machine is mainly used for the secondary drying of traditional Chinese medicine and the most effective for insect and sterilization. In order to prevent mildew and rot, most farmers use sulfur soaking or burning closed baking, which is easy to cause excessive sulfur residue. Microwave insecticidal equipment for Chinese medicinal materials can kill all kinds of molds and insect eggs in the medicinal materials at low temperature, maximize the retention of effective drug ingredients in Chinese medicinal materials, and prevent mildew and insect moth in the storage process.

Herba Microwave Drying Machine

Compared with the traditional drying method, microwave drying machine of medicinal materials can retain the effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicinal materials to the greatest extent. And the microwave in the process of drying has the effect of bactericidal, can kill all sorts of mould and bug egg in medicinal material, prevent the mildew that produces in storing process or bug eat by moth. Microwave thermal effect of double sterilization effect and can kill bacteria at low temperature, sterilization mainly through two ways, one is heating sterilization and the material itself to generate heat, reaches a certain temperature sterilization, sterilization and biological effect, using microwave frequency of this unique, can change some bacteria within the gene, to ensure that the premise of Chinese herbal medicine effective components in a relatively short period of time to effectively kill eggs and microorganisms such as e. coli. Microwave drying of Chinese medicinal materials refers to the process of using microwave energy to gasify the moisture in Chinese medicinal materials. Microwave heating penetration is strong, can make the temperature rise in the surface of Chinese medicinal materials uniform, microwave energy reaches the deep layer of Chinese herbal materials into heat energy, so that the deep layer of water quickly evaporates to form a higher internal steam pressure, eliminate the drying surface common wrinkly skin atrophy phenomenon, better protection of drying quality, which is not conventional heating drying.

Microwave heating drying process is to make the heated object itself into the heating body, called the overall heating mode, does not need the heat conduction process, so it can achieve uniform heating in a short time. This characteristic can make the material with poor heat conduction get heated and dried in a short time, and the utilization rate of energy can be improved. At the same time, when the material is under the action of microwave electromagnetic field, the overall temperature of the material rises. With the continuous extension of the domestic thermal trend of traditional Chinese medicine, the application prospect of microwave vacuum drying technology is promising. The development and production level of microwave drying equipment in China should be further improved and further advanced towards automation and intelligence.

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