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Plucker Microwave Sterilization Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-20 16:39:18
Plucker Microwave Sterilization Machine

Structure design of plucker microwave sterilization machine. The structure consists of a bleeding pool, a soaking pool, a belt pulley, a hair removal cylinder, a motor, a hair removal turntable, a rack and a miscellaneous outlet. The working principle is to put the slaughtered poultry into the bloodletting pool to bleed, to flow into the ironing pool to soak at the appropriate water temperature, and finally to flow into the depilation machine. The artificial rubbing method is simulated by adding rubber sticks to the cylinder wall and the turntable to achieve the purpose of depilation.

Plucker Microwave Sterilization Machine

Main design: Water temperature control. Choice of output power. Consider the dehairing rate. Operation smoothness of the whole machine. It is not easy to damage the quality of poultry by choosing suitable motors. The design criteria are as follows: feather cleaning rate 98%, damage rate 3%, and high production rate. In the bloodletting pool and the hot chicken pool, they cooperate with each other and have a certain slope, which makes the chicken automatically flow into the hot chicken pool for soaking. When the chicken is scalded, the hot chicken pool also has a certain slope, which is parallel to the slope of the bloodletting pool. Therefore, it will automatically flow into the depilator depilator chicken. Rubber rods are added to the barrel wall and turntable to imitate the artificial rubbing method in order to achieve automatic depilation. Purpose. The impurities pass through the centrifugal force, and the rubber rod under the base of the turntable fluctuates. Under the action of the force, the impurities will flow out of the outlet.

Plucker Microwave Sterilization Machine

At present, the domestic broiler mechanized slaughtering and processing industry used equipment, first, the introduction of foreign complete sets of broiler processing production lines; second, domestic production of broiler processing and production equipment. The equipment manufactured abroad is highly automated and requires fewer personnel. But because of the high price, the domestic general manufacturers are afraid to ask. In this way, domestic small meat processing plants mostly choose cheaper domestic production equipment. Although domestic production and processing equipment is not as highly automated as that of foreign countries, it is more appropriate to choose domestic equipment according to the current economic situation and labor force situation in China.

Microwave sterilization machine greatly reduces labor, saves labor and time, and has the same working efficiency as more than ten people's manual labor. The wool puller has the advantages of cleanliness, rapidity, high efficiency and convenience. Work efficiency of wool puller: Generally speaking, three poultry can be processed 1-2 kg per minute, and 180-200 poultry can be removed from household appliances. It is economical and ten times faster than manual hairing. The plucking machine is used for automatic depilation of poultry after slaughter. It can remove feathers, fine skins, feet and epidermal dirt at one time.

Grounding wire is equipped with leakage switch. Put in the power supply before using the machine, turn on the switch to check whether the turntable is working properly. Wash the dehairing barrel with water after use. The wear and tear of long-term rubber rod should be replaced in time to ensure normal working efficiency. If the rotating speed and strain of the turntable are found to be slow during a period of use, the belt shaft may slip. The nut of the machine base should be tightened, and attention should be paid not to be too tight.

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