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Hamburger Forming Microwave Sterilizer Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-21 09:46:29
Hamburger Forming Microwave Sterilizer Machine

In recent years, foreign fast food has become popular all over the country with its new and strange taste. Whether children or adults, as long as you see the golden hamburger with eggs, ham sausages, meat fillings in the middle, you can not help but pay for it. You only need to buy a special set of molds, and then buy some eggs, flour and so on, you can start business immediately. It can be roasted and sold in markets, roadsides, school gates and night markets at a cost of 0.5 yuan and a price of more than 1.5 yuan. Each set of moulds can be roasted about 200 times a day with considerable profits. Best-selling products, a brand-new egg hamburger machine, including a complete set of cast aluminum mold, stainless steel windshield. American egg hamburger is rich in nutrition, unique flavor and popular with consumers. At the same time, American egg hamburger is processed with a wide range of raw materials, and the processing method is not complicated. It is suitable for shopping malls and leisure squares.

The origin of the name of a hamburger is purely coincidental. It is said that when Europe immigrated to North America, on a cruise ship called Hamburg Americana, the owner of the ship stamped the ground beef to the end to make money, then put onions, salt, etc. into the bread and sold it to the passengers on board. Hamburg got its name and became popular among American immigrants. Later, it gradually became popular in the United States and the world.

There are two kinds of hamburgers: one is to prepare raw materials without heating, which is called raw hamburgers; the other is to prepare processed hamburgers and then heat them simply, which is called convenient hamburgers. Convenient hamburgers are popular nowadays because they are easy to process and cook.

Hamburger Forming Microwave Sterilizer Machine

Hamburger forming microwave sterilizer machine is used to heat hamburgers. Hamburg is made by heating the bread crumbs and then putting them into meat or vegetables or eggs. Here the microwave sterilizer machine plays a very important role, and the heating of the bread is entirely dependent on it. In the past, some people heated the stove with a pickling stove. The temperature of the stove was not well controlled and manual operation was needed. The efficiency was slow and the effect was poor.

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