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Clean Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Pub Time : 2018-12-21 10:10:36
Clean Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Characteristics of Clean Microwave Sterilization Equipment
Metal materials do not absorb microwave, they can only reflect microwave. Such as copper, iron, aluminum and so on. Metal (stainless steel plate) is used as the hearth of microwave oven, which reflects back and forth on heating material. Metal containers should not be put into microwave ovens. The reflected microwave will damage the magnetron.

Clean Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Insulators can pass through microwave, which absorbs almost no microwave energy. Such as glass, ceramics, plastics (polyethylene, polystyrene), polytetrafluoroethylene, quartz, paper and so on, they are transparent to microwave, microwave can penetrate them forward. These substances do not absorb microwave energy, or absorb very little microwave energy. The strength of microwave absorption is essentially related to the complex permittivity of the material, i.e. the greater the loss factor, the stronger the microwave absorption ability of the material. Most household microwave oven containers are plastic products. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and engineering plastics are used in microwave sealed digestion tank.

Microwave sterilization epuipment and freshness preservation is to make microorganisms such as fungi and insect pests in food lose their vitality or death after microwave treatment, so as to ensure that the microbial content of food does not exceed the allowable range stipulated by the health law in a certain storage period, thus prolonging its shelf life.

Clean Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Microwave sterilization and freshness preservation characteristics. Conventional thermal sterilization transfers heat from food surface to interior through heat conduction, convection and radiation. It often takes a long time to reach the required sterilization temperature. Microwave sterilization is the direct interaction between microwave energy and microorganisms such as food and bacteria. Because of the combined action of thermal and non-thermal effects, the treatment time is greatly shortened.Conventional thermal sterilization often requires heating through the environment or heat transfer medium to transfer heat to food. Microwave is directly used to treat food, so there is no additional heat loss. Generally, it can save 30-50% electricity.Conventional thermal sterilization starts from the surface of the material and then conducts through heat to the interior. In order to maintain the flavor of food and shorten the processing time, the sterilization effect is often affected by insufficient temperature inside the food. Microwave is the whole treatment of food, the surface and the interior are affected at the same time, so the sterilization is uniform and thorough.Compared with conventional disinfection and sterilization, microwave sterilization equipment does not need boilers, complex pipeline systems, coal yards and transport vehicles, as long as it has the basic conditions of water and electricity.

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