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Unfreezing Microwave Heating Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-21 13:31:15
Unfreezing Microwave Heating Machine

In modern society, the improvement of the quality of life makes people's demand for food rising steadily. Therefore, enterprises must adopt new technologies and new energy for deep processing of food, which can not only save energy and protect the environment, but also meet the growing needs of the people. In order to facilitate long-distance transportation or long-term processing turnover, many food raw materials have been frozen storage. When we need to be processed and used, we need to thaw again, which is called thawing and thawing in food processing technology, that is, the reverse process of freezing.

Microwave heating machine is produced by the elastic collision and grinding of polar molecules under the action of high frequency radiation of electromagnetic wave. Its heating mode is generated from the inside of product materials. This method has the advantages of low production cost, high efficiency, no bacteria growth and small floor area. It is incomparable with other technological methods.

Microwave can be used in the thawing process of frozen food, which can be divided into two kinds: temperature regulation and thawing. Temperature regulation generally changes the frozen food from a lower temperature to the freezing point of water, i.e. - 4 - 2 C. At this time, the material is still in solid state and easier to cut, which is also the requirement of the principle of freezing processing.

Unfreezing Microwave Heating Machine

Guarantee the nutritive quality of the material, without corruption. In microwave thawing process, 915MHZ has longer wavelength and stronger penetration than 2450MHZ. It is more suitable for processing large food materials, and this frequency is more suitable for thawing process. Since microwave can be directly heated in the material, no conduction process is needed. It takes only two minutes for a piece of meat in 25 kg to rise from - 15 to - 4 degrees. The thawing time is changed from "hour" to "minute". If there are 8 self-contained wells in a beef jerky processing plant, pumping water continuously from underground for 24 hours can be used in thawing workshop. This is a great waste of water resources. The oily sewage formed after thawing adds to the burden of sewage treatment and causes the loss of oily substances.

Unfreezing Microwave Heating Machine

Traditional thawing methods can not meet the development requirements of modern food processing enterprises. Unfreezing microwave heating machine is the first choice for food processing enterprises and the development direction of food thawing technology in China. In foreign countries, most food enterprises use microwave thawing and temperature control equipment, and China has begun to popularize the use of this new thawing equipment technology.

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