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Filling Microwave Sterilization Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-21 14:21:48
Filling Microwave Sterilization Machine

Aseptic processing technology and packaging make the product have a longer shelf life at room temperature, and help to transport high quality liquid food to a distant place at a lower cost. It not only makes the food production process more reasonable, but also shortens the storage period, and provides more convenience and choice for consumers. The special feature of China's dairy market is to transport large quantities of fresh and high-quality milk from North China, such as Inner Mongolia, to a broader South China market. It provides a technical solution suitable for long-distance transportation, convenient storage and long-term preservation. The packaging is deeply trusted by customers and consumers because it guarantees the safety, nutrition and freshness of food, and brings great convenience to the store and transportation of merchants and the use of consumers. High-quality products and comprehensive services, so that customers feel value-for-money, providing a strong guarantee for customer product safety and profitability.

Filling Microwave Sterilization Machine

Aseptic packaging is only suitable for non-carbonated food packaging. Initially, the object of use was limited to milk and fruit juice. Now it has been used in the packaging of various liquid foods. Aseptic packaging is a novel packaging form. The packaging process is to pack the materials sterilized at ultra-high temperature in a sterile state with sterilized packaging materials. The materials in the box can be stored in an ideal environment free of air, light and bacteria. It does not need to be refrigerated or refrigerated. Adding preservatives can keep the quality unchanged for half a year. The aseptic packaging system consists of three parts. One is the sterilization of packaging materials, the other is the sterilization of products, and the third is the packaging of aseptic environment. Sterilization of packaging materials is carried out in packaging machines, product sterilization is usually carried out in ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization machines, sterilization of packaging materials and products in the sterile environment of packaging machines.

Aseptic packaging is a novel packaging. Because the product is sterilized by ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization, it is packaged well with sterilized packaging material paper, and the sterilization process is exempted from high temperature for a long time. Therefore, the nutritional components of the product are much less lost than that of the traditional processing method.

Filling Microwave Sterilization Machine

Filling machine is one of the key equipments in food processing industry, such as liquor, beverage and so on. At present, it is developing towards the direction of high-speed and precision filling, intellectualization and multi-function.Fully automatic liquid filling microwave sterilization machine realizes the requirements of high-speed, accurate, intelligent, multi-functional filling production and user-friendly operation interface. Real-time monitoring and dynamic management of filling process can improve the automation level of liquid filling and production efficiency.

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