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Churros Microwave Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-21 16:15:28
Churros Microwave Machine

Absrtact: Fried food has a long history as a cooked technology, is one of the oldest cooking methods. According to the present situation of food processing technology and fryer, this paper introduces the types of fryer and the structure, working principle and characteristics of various typical fryers; With water filter fryer as the focus, the working principle of oil-water mixing is discussed; combined with the problems existing in current frying technology and equipment, the development and improvement direction of food frying technology and fryer in the future is pointed out.

Churros Microwave Machine

Churros microwave machine is the key equipment of food frying processing. According to the air pressure during frying, it can be divided into atmospheric pressure fryer and vacuum fryer. Atmospheric fryers are generally open and widely used. According to the way of frying, it can be divided into continuous fryer and intermittent fryer. According to the added liquids in food processing, it can be divided into traditional fryer and water filter fryer. In addition, there are special fryers specially designed for a particular kind of material. This paper only introduces several typical atmospheric fryers.

Churros Microwave Machine

When the microwave machine works, First, the paver evenly spreads the fried food (such as cut chillies) on the screen. At the same time, the heated frying oil flows into the oil pipe from the oil tank under the action of the oil pump, and is sprayed onto the screen through the oil-spraying pipe. Because the screen rotates under the drive of the reducer, the fried food is processed by frying. The frying oil injected into the sieve is flowed into the oil receiving pan through the hole of the sieve, then filtered through the oil return pipe and the filter funnel, and then returned to the oil tank for recycling.

At present, most of the existing fryers are mainly in the form of electric heating, large power consumption (especially large continuous fryers), the increasing tension in electricity today poses new challenges; in addition, most of the oil after processing is naturally cooled, the next processing needs to be re-heated, a lot of heat energy is consumed. In the future, we should strengthen the improvement, design and development of gas-fired and coal-fired fryers. In the effective use of energy, frying machine design as far as possible to consider the installation of insulation devices, so that the hot oil after processing can be heat preservation, reduce energy loss.

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