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Snow Ice Microwave Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-22 10:30:09

Ice Making Principle of Snow Ice Microwave Machine

Snow Ice Microwave Machine

The refrigerated water pump of the water storage tank circulates continuously through the plate or grid evaporator; After the compressor runs, it is absorbed-compressed-exhausted-condensed (liquefied) -throttled, and then evaporated and endothermic vaporized in the evaporator at a low temperature of - 10 ~18 ~C. The frozen water continuously condenses into ice layer on the surface of the lower temperature evaporator at the water temperature of 0 C. When the ice layer condenses to a certain thickness, the evaporation temperature of refrigerant reaches the set temperature of temperature control, that is to say, the defrosting solenoid valve is usually connected to the form of heat pump to defrost, and then realize the next cycle.

Snow Ice Microwave Machine

Microwave Machine Use Skills
Ice maker should be installed far away from heat source, without direct sunshine and good ventilation. The ambient temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius in order to prevent excessive ambient temperature from causing bad heat dissipation of condenser and affecting the ice making effect. The ground of the ice maker should be firm and flat, and the ice maker must keep level, otherwise it will lead to no ice removal and noise during operation.The clearance between the back and left and right sides of the main ice-making machine is not less than 30 cm, and the top clearance is not less than 60 cm.

Simple operation and control

Snow Ice Microwave Machine

Before the ice maker is powered on, first connect the water source, turn on the water valve switch, regulate the water pressure. Start power on: Five indicator lights turn on the 1s system at the same time to complete the power on reset, can work normally .Power indicator lights (L1) turn on, water shortage indicator lights (L3) flashing indicates delayed (3min) start-up state . Push button (M0) or 3min delay time to ice maker start-up, ice. Drilling motor starts first, 15s compressor works, fan is controlled, ice full automatic shutdown.In the working process, the button can be turned off manually. When the compressor is shut down, the fan and the ice drill motor are delayed for 15 seconds, and the ice-full indicator light (L2) flashes, indicating the shutdown status. The button can be turned on again. In the delayed start-up stage, the button can end the delayed quick start-up.

Ice maker should use independent power supply, special line power supply and equipped with fuse and leakage protection switch, and reliable grounding. Ice maker water should meet the national drinking water standards, and add water filtration device to filter impurities in water, so as to avoid blocking water pipes, polluting water tanks and ice moulds. It also affects the performance of ice making.

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