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Paint Microwave Drying Equipment

Pub Time : 2018-12-22 11:18:34
Paint Microwave  Drying Equipment

Paint is an indispensable process of mechanical products, paint (also known as spraying) process, the workpiece surface drying treatment is a very important link. After drying treatment, the coating is firmly combined with the working surface to form a paint film with a certain strength, which can protect the surface of the product and beautify the appearance. In the production line, spraying operation and drying process are often connected in series on the suspension conveyor chain at the same time, and the use of drying road drying equipment, so as to shorten the total time of the operation, improve production efficiency. When we design the steam heating and drying passage of the pipe clamp surface paint spraying line, we adopt many energy-saving measures and obtain good results in the production and implementation.

Paint Microwave  Drying Equipment

Because of the development of new products and processing technology, further research is needed. In recent years, new drying processes, though rare, have made some breakthroughs. For example, in the large-scale operation of food, agriculture, waste treatment, forest products, minerals and chemical products, pulse combustion drying equipment has replaced the traditional way, rapid spray fluidized bed and vibrating bed dryer. With the accumulation of practical experience, practicality will also be applied. It will increase gradually.

Paint Microwave Drying Equipment

When paint is dried, it refers to the whole process of changing liquid or viscous film into solid film, that is, film forming process, which is the process of transforming paint into decorative and protective film. It is directly related to the use effect of the coating, and it is a very important link in the use of the whole paint.

Microwave Drying Equipment

Paint Microwave  Drying Equipment

The drying process of paint can be divided into physical drying and chemical drying according to its mechanism.Physically dried paints are films formed by volatilization of solvents, such as vinyl perchloride paint, chlorinated rubber paint, nitro paint, acrylic acid paint, etc. It has only one drying stage. The resin coated pigments and fillers are dissolved in solvents and coated.After loading, the solvent volatilization leaves a solid film, which belongs to the volatilization of solvent dispersion medium. The characteristics of this kind of paint are: drying speed, interlayer solubility, short coating interval, and can be applied at lower temperature; the shortcoming is solvent resistance, usually not resistant to various vegetable oils and animal oils, low solid content, thin dry film thickness, need to be painted many times. After drying, it will take a long time (usually more than two weeks) to form a hard film to realize the protective effect of paint. The other is polymer particle coagulation, which is a way of film formation. Paints depend on polymer particles as film-forming particles and coagulate with each other under certain conditions to form continuous solid-state coatings, such as dispersive paints containing volatile dispersing media, water-emulsion paints, non-aqueous dispersive paints, organic sols and powder paints.
Chemical drying refers to the existence of various chemical reactions in the process of paint drying, according to which different film-forming mechanisms require different film-forming conditions and processes, mainly including two types.

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