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Tea Bag Microwave Sterilizer Packing Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-24 11:14:09
Tea Bag Microwave Sterilizer Packing Machine

With the continuous expansion of China's tea market, the number of tea packaging machine manufacturers is rising rapidly, packaging machinery manufacturers want to make their brand in the fierce competition in the market to remain invincible depends on their own technology. In fact, it is not difficult for manufacturers of automatic tea packaging machines to give consumers a good impression. Only by maximizing the performance of automatic tea packaging machines and ensuring the effect of tea packaging, these are what we really should pay attention to. Automatic tea note-taking technology can help tea manufacturers to solve all the worries behind and open up a new market, through processing and packaging, bring beautiful packaging effect.

Tea Bag Microwave Sterilizer Packing Machine

The inner and outer bags of the automatic tea bag microwave sterilizer packing machine are formed at one time, which avoids direct contact between human hands and materials. The inner bags are filter cotton paper and the outer bags are composite paper to improve efficiency. The products of the company include tea packing machine, health tea packing machine, black tea sorting machine, etc. They are suitable for automatic bagging of loose, non-sticky, coarse powder and granular materials in food, seeds, cosmetics, chemical and plastic products. Install.

Tea Bag Microwave Sterilizer Packing Machine

The automatic microwave sterilizer packing machine have reasonable structure and stable performance. A new type of electronic and mechanical product, which integrates automatic bag making and bag packing, adopts the technology of microcomputer_control, automatic temperature control, automatic bag length setting and automatic stable film feeding to achieve the best packaging effect. The problem of inner bag packaging of tea after quantification was solved by using the sub-packer. It improves work efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and makes users truly feel the charm of scientific and technological innovation.

Characteristics of Fully Automatic Tea Packaging Machine
The tea packaging machine adopts high-quality imported chips longer life, accurate, high-speed, humanized design, easy to operate.Intelligent speed regulation does not need to adjust automatic speed change, higher power. Intelligent computer cleaning, reduce time-consuming.Overweight alarm, reduce waste.Adopting stainless steel feeding, sanitary passage, environmental protection, no damage to broken materials. Multiple shock absorption structure, stable operation of the machine, low noise.

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