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Meat Microwave Sterilizer Cutting Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-24 13:24:55
Meat Microwave Sterilizer Cutting Machine

With the development of our national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for meat products has shifted from quantity to quality.Square development. Want to ask meat to make product not only mouth feeling is good, and appearance beautiful view flower color breed is much, produce product sanitation. In order to meet these requirements, not only the meat processing technology formula should be innovative, but also the meat processing machinery should be developed. With the reform and opening up of our country, meat processing machinery has developed a lot, but it is still far from the international advanced level.

Meat Microwave Sterilizer Cutting Machine

Advantages and Characteristics of Meat Microwave Sterilizer Cutting Machine
High speed, high efficiency, high performance.High precision, low cost, simple operation.Wide range of processing materials, advanced processing technology, strong flexibility.Energy saving, environmental protection, simple maintenance.High technology, high reliability, integrated design of electrical cabinet.High cost performance, after-sales service specification.High-end atmospheric, beautiful and practical, safe and protective design. Adopt imported servo motor and guide bed transmission mechanism, with small thermal deformation and high transmission accuracy.Wide range of applications, low operating costs.Clean, safe and pollution-free.Fast cutting speed, narrow slit, smooth cutting surface, less material consumption. High-end imported software, simple operation, safe and stable performance.Reliable and stable optical system and control system. Reasonable structure, advanced technology, superior performance, high-speed operation, perfect function. Reasonable structure, easy operation, stable operation and low maintenance cost.

At present, the new type of automatic cutting machine on the market has overturned the traditional way of feeding and cutting. It does not need a lot of manual operation at all. One person can operate multiple cutting machines together, reduce the number of operators, save production costs, improve production efficiency and labor intensity of operators. It is suitable for enterprises requiring large quantities of pipe cutting.

Meat Microwave Sterilizer Cutting Machine

The new microwave sterilizer cutting machine can save more labor costs and management costs: the traditional automatic cutting machine has strong dependence on the operator, and every 6 meters/branch of pipe is cut, the pipe needs to be automatically put into the clamp manually. The worker's labor intensity is high; the intelligent automatic cutting machine only needs the operator to pay attention to the quantity of the upper pipe on the rack, and the rest of the process can be determined automatically and realistically. At the present stage of unmanned production, 2-3 people can operate 5-10 machines at the same time, which can save more labor costs and management costs. Simple operation, the design concept of this intelligent automatic cutting machine is "simple to leave to customers, complex to us." The operator only needs to know the start and switch buttons to use the machine. Ordinary operators can operate the machine to save the labor cost of employing highly educated operators for enterprises.

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