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Food Microwave Sterilizer Forming Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-24 14:06:47

Sterilization is an important operation unit in food processing. Thermal sterilization is the most widely used method at present. Microwave sterilizer forming machine has been more and more widely used in food industry in recent years.

Food Microwave Sterilizer Forming Machine

Food is easily contaminated and deteriorated in the process of production, preservation, transportation and marketing. Usually, high temperature, drying, blanching, pasteurization, freezing and preservatives can be used to achieve food insecticidal sterilization and preservation. But it often affects the original flavor and nutrition of food. Microwave insecticidal sterilization is a kind of microorganism in food. At the same time, it is affected by both microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect, which causes the variation of protein and physiological active substance in the body, and leads to the delay and death of microorganism growth and development, so as to achieve the purpose of food sterilization and preservation.

Food Microwave Sterilizer Forming Machine

In recent years, microwave sterilization technology has been more and more widely used in food industry. Sterilization is an important operation unit in food processing. Thermal sterilization is the most widely used method at present. The heat transfer rate of traditional thermal sterilization depends on the heat transfer characteristics of food, which results in the temperature difference between the surface and the center of food and the time difference between sterilization, thus prolonging the total time needed for food sterilization. Secondly, relying solely on the role of heat increases the difficulty of killing the heat-resistant Bacillus in food. In addition, the initial temperature of food, the shape and size of raw materials, viscosity and packaging all have influence on the total time of thermal sterilization, especially the initial temperature of conductive and heat-transfer food. Therefore, the traditional thermal sterilization method has long sterilization time and high heat consumption. For thermal sensitive materials, the loss of nutrients and flavor is great. When microwave sterilizes, the food itself becomes a heater, and the temperature inside and outside the food rises at the same time. It does not need the wife to use the conduction and convection of heat transfer medium to ripen. Therefore, compared with thermal sterilization, microwave sterilization has the characteristics of short sterilization time, fast heating, less energy consumption, uniform sterilization, less damage and loss of food nutrients and flavor substances. Compared with chemical sterilization, microwave sterilization has no chemical residues and greatly improves the safety. Therefore, food microwave sterilization technology has been adopted by more and more food manufacturers.

Food Microwave Sterilizer Forming Machine

Characteristics of food microwave sterilizer forming machine:
Short time and fast speed: Conventional thermal sterilization transfers heat from food surface to interior by means of heat conduction, convection or radiation. It often takes a long time to reach sterilization temperature in interior. Microwave uses its penetration and transmission to kill bacteria by means of both thermal and non-thermal effects. The processing time is greatly shortened. Satisfactory results can be achieved even in seconds to tens of seconds under high power density. Sterilization at low temperature and preservation of its nutrient components: rapid heating of microwave thermal effect and biochemical effect of non-thermal effect enhance the sterilization function. Compared with the conventional thermal sterilization, the effect of sterilization and insecticidal can be achieved in a relatively low temperature and a relatively short time. The general sterilization temperature is 75-80 C, and the treatment time is 3-5 minutes. Microwave processing can retain more active ingredients. Keep original color, fragrance, taste, shape and other flavors. If the vitamin C in vegetables is kept in 46*50% by conventional thermal treatment, the microwave treatment can reach 60~90%. The vitamin A in pig liver is kept in 58% by conventional heating, while the microwave heating can reach 84%. Energy saving and high efficiency: Microwave heating efficiency is generally over 80%, which is far superior to other heating methods. In addition, microwave is a direct magnetocaloric energy conversion of food (object). The microwave heater itself will not be heated, so there is no additional thermal power consumption. Therefore, it saves energy and electricity by 30-50% compared with energy saving.

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