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Nut Processing Microwave Dryer Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-24 16:38:53
Nut Processing Microwave Dryer Machine

The production process is that the workers manually put the copper nuts into the rubber shell material and then press the nuts into the rubber shell by using the ultrasonic machine or the hot melting machine, which brings many bottlenecks:Workers need to use the eyes to determine the position of nuts, and then use tools to install nuts to shell material and determine the position, so that repeated easy to cause visual fatigue.Nuts need to be preheated for a period of time (3-6s) before pressing, which is necessary for the process and leads to inefficiency. Speed restricts output, and output restricts benefit, which directly affects profit.

Working Principle of Nut Processing Microwave Dryer Machine:

Vibration feeding part:
Operators only need to put a corresponding number of copper nuts into the vibrating disc in each shift, and the system will automatically change the disordered workpieces into an orderly arrangement. The maximum feeding speed is 200 pieces per minute.

Heating feeding part:
The copper nut slides into the flexible high temperature pipe (260 C) after coming out of the vibrating disc. It is preheated in the heating zone and sent to the manipulator for pressing. (Solving bottleneck B)

The implant part:

The heated copper nut is implanted into the plastic shell.The precise positioning of X, Y and Z axis drive motors is realized by programming control, and the copper nut is implanted into the corresponding position by the manipulator.

Nut Processing Microwave Dryer Machine

Advantages of nut processing microwave dryer machine:In the process of operation, it is not easy to stuck, not to miss the punch.Cutting material is very convenient, just put the copper nail in the vibrating disc, and the vibrating disc can vibrate orderly into a straight line one by one.The defective rate of nut implantation is low, and there will be no reverse screw phenomenon.The technical requirements for operators are not high, as long as the operation is simple, the whole process of training only takes 10 minutes.

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