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Pet Food Microwave Dryer Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-25 11:14:08
Pet Food Microwave Dryer Machine

High-quality pet food is not only to meet people's shopping needs in appearance, but also to meet the needs of animals in nutrition. Only advanced production technology and equipment configuration can meet the production standard of high quality pet food. Mainly according to the customer's prescription requirements and investment ability to choose the appropriate production model. Domestic pet feed production line has been developed rapidly in recent years. There are many models to choose from small-scale production line to large-scale production line engineering installation. And the technology comparison has been greatly improved before.

With the popularity of pet breeding and the growth of people's economic level, the pet industry has quietly risen, and occupies a certain proportion of the national economic growth. Pet food is also entering the city with pets in the fastest speed. Therefore, the drying of pet food has brought new development opportunities for the drying industry.

Microwave Dryer Machine

Pet Food Microwave Dryer Machine

Characteristics of Pet Food Microwave Dryer Machine
The dried material of the pet food dryer moves with the conveyor belt, and the relative position of the material particles is relatively fixed, and the drying time is basically the same. The belt dryer is very suitable for drying materials with uniform color change or even moisture content. Simple structure, often used for low drying speed, long drying time, in the drying process to maintain constant operating conditions, such as cereals, rice cakes, feed foods. Material moves in a static state in the drying device. It can hardly destroy the shape of the product, even if there is a small amount of dust flying objects, it can be collected by installing weak wind or bag filter on the pipeline. Various conveyor belts can be used, according to the different drying materials, conveyor belts can be used in addition to a variety of metal wire mesh, vibration plate.

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