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Labs and Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Pub Time : 2018-12-25 13:55:17
Labs and  Microwave Sterilization Equipment

A laboratory is a place where tests are carried out. It is the cradle of science, the base of scientific research, the source of scientific and technological development, the place to explore experimental results and practice technology, and the central link to prove the theory of hands-on operation, which plays a very important role in the development of science and technology. It contains a large number of experimental instruments. Experimental instruments are the instruments used in the specific experiments of natural science. They are mainly used in physics, chemistry and biology (including chemical instruments). Modern commonly used experimental instruments include test tube, beaker, evaporating dish, crucible, alcohol lamp, brinell funnel, gas cylinder, drying pipe, pallet balance, measuring cylinder, volumetric bottle, burette, measuring device and so on. Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of experimental instruments is one of the key means to prevent and control laboratory infection and ensure laboratory quality. The treatment and disinfection measures of each type of experimental instruments are different. Strict disinfection and sterilization work is very important, which directly affects whether the whole experiment can be carried out smoothly. Therefore, the health and safety of laboratory instruments has been widely concerned.

Purpose of labs and microwave sterilization equipment

Labs and  Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Ultraviolet, or ultraviolet, is a low-energy electromagnetic radiation that destroys a variety of microorganisms. Among them, gram-negative bacteria are the most sensitive, followed by gram-positive bacteria, and then spores. Fungal spores have the strongest resistance. The direct mechanism of ultraviolet radiation is to inactivate microorganisms by destroying their nucleic acids and proteins, and the indirect effect is to kill microorganisms by ozone produced by ultraviolet radiation. Many kinds of ultraviolet lamp irradiate directly culture room (air, ground, workbench surface) undertake disinfection, usage is simple, the effect is good.

Ultraviolet lamp irradiation is also affected by other environmental conditions, such as room temperature and humidity, air cleanliness, shielding, bacteria, ultraviolet lamp aging degree. Ultraviolet ray has harm to skin, eye not only, and also produce undesirable effect to culture cell and reagent to wait, accordingly, cannot open ultraviolet lamp to work.

Labs and  Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Experimental medical microbiology commonly used microwave sterilization equipment generally includes glass equipment, metal equipment, rubber products and plastic products, etc., each type of equipment treatment and disinfection measures are different. Strict disinfection and sterilization work is very important, which directly affects whether the whole experiment can be carried out smoothly. At present, the commonly used sterilization methods include physical methods (such as dry heat sterilization, wet heat sterilization, filtration and sterilization, radiation sterilization, etc.) and chemical methods (disinfectants, antibiotics).

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