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Garlic Microwave Dryer Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-25 14:27:44

Garlic is a characteristic vegetable of our country. Dehydration and drying of garlic is the best method for long-term preservation of garlic, and is convenient for transportation, storage and further processing into garlic series products. There are still great contradictions between drying economy and product quality. High energy consumption and serious impact on product quality are the two main problems in garlic drying.

Garlic Microwave Dryer Machine

Microwave dryer machine is an energy saving and environmental friendly modern high - tech drying technology. Due to its unique advantages, microwave vacuum drying, a new drying technology for fruits and vegetables with high moisture content, has been widely concerned by scholars at home and abroad in recent years. Microwave vacuum drying can better retain the original color, aroma, vitamins and other heat-sensitive nutrients or bioactive ingredients of the dried materials, and obtain better drying quality. At present, microwave vacuum drying of garlic is rarely reported. Microwave vacuum drying is a new drying technology, its basic theoretical research is still in depth, many aspects are still blank, so the study of garlic microwave vacuum drying quality characteristics has important theoretical significance and application value.As a result, garlic microwave dryer machine was produced.

Garlic Microwave Dryer Machine

We will take an environment-friendly and resource-conserving approach, actively promote new models of agricultural development such as facility agriculture, organic agriculture, circular agriculture and precision agriculture, constantly improve the utilization rate of agricultural resources, and optimize the ecological environment for agricultural production and operation. The safety and quality af production priority, green planting and raising mode of optimization and structure, continuous development of cultivation, the introduction of disease-resistant insect-resistant varieties of plants and animals, the new technology, establish and improve farming crops and animals safety early warning system, actively promote health ZhongYangShi technology, reducing the use of chemicals, as much as possible to eliminate chemical fertilizers, pesticides, veterinary drugs, fish medicine residues in agricultural products.

Garlic Microwave Dryer Machine

In order to prevent secondary pollution in the process of processing and circulation, the standardization and safe production technology of agricultural products should be adopted in an all-round way. We will further strengthen the construction of ecological public welfare forests, give full play to the role of farmland ecosystems in purifying the ecological environment on the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products, and strictly prevent the damage of industrial pollution to the agricultural ecological environment. We should organically combine the construction of a beautiful ecological environment in mountains and rivers with the safety of agricultural products and the development of leisure agriculture to provide tangible products and service products, so that the construction of ecological civilization will bring about significant ecological, economic and social benefits.

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