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Peanut Shelling Microwave Dryer Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-26 13:45:41
Peanut Shelling Microwave Dryer Machine

Peanut is rich in fat and protein, which is not only the main source of edible vegetable oil, but also provides rich vegetable protein. The protein powder of peanut or degreased peanut cake can be directly used for baking and eating, and can also be used as raw materials or additives for meat products, dairy products, candies and fried foods. Food made from peanut protein powder or additives not only improves protein content, but also improves its functional properties. Peanut protein powder can also be extruded under high pressure to produce protein meat. Peanut is an important raw material of edible vegetable oil industry. Peanut oil can be used to make margarine, shortening, salad oil, blending oil, etc. and also can be used as industrial raw materials. In addition to simple processing, peanuts can be edible. After deep processing, peanuts can also be made into various kinds of food and health products with rich nutrition, good color, fragrance and taste. The by-products of peanut processing, such as peanut shell and peanut cake, can be comprehensively utilized, processed and added value, and economic benefits can be improved.

Peanuts need to be pretreated when they are used to produce oil, protein, instruments and export peanuts. The pretreatment of peanut mainly includes peeling and grading, crushing, rolling embryo and steaming.

Peanut Shelling Microwave Dryer Machine

Peanuts need to be shelled when they are processed or used as export commodities. The purpose of peanut shelling microwave dryer machine is to improve the oil yield and the quality of crude oil and cake, which is conducive to the subsequent processes such as embryo rolling and the comprehensive utilization of husks. Traditional peeling is manual peeling. Hand peeling is not only easy to fatigue and injure fingers, but also inefficient. Therefore, farmers in peanut production areas urgently need to use machines instead of manual peeling. The birth of peanut sheller has changed this situation to a great extent, making peasants in peanut production areas no longer need to use the most primitive method of shelling, which greatly reduces the physical labor of peasants, but also improves the efficiency of peanut shelling.

Peanut Shelling Microwave Dryer Machine

Peanut shelling microwave dryer machine is a field operation machine that removes the shell of peanut pods and gets peanut kernels. Because of the physiological characteristics of peanut itself, peanut shelling can not be combined with peanut harvest in the field, but can only be carried out after the moisture content of peanut pods has dropped to a certain extent. With the continuous development of peanut planting industry, manual shelling of peanuts has been unable to meet the requirements of efficient production, and the implementation of shelling mechanization is imminent.

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