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Burger Patty Microwave Heating Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-26 14:26:24

As foreign well-known fast food chain enterprises have settled down in China, Fried chicken wings, hamburger patties and other foreign fast food has gradually been accepted by the general public. But because the production of these products needs the complete set of equipment of successive type mostly, wait a moment like machine of model machine, fry machine, quick freezer, equipment invests bigger, because this domestic manufacturer still is less.

Burger Patty Microwave Heating Machine

The burger patty microwave heating machine is used to heat hamburgers. Hamburgers are made by heating bread crumbs and putting them into meat, vegetables or eggs. Here, the burger patty microwave heating machine plays a very important role, the heating of bread completely depends on it. In the past, some people used pickling furnaces to heat their stoves. Furnace temperature control is not good, need manual operation. Low efficiency, poor effect. Professional shops use microwave burritos.

Use and Maintenance
Pour a little edible oil evenly into the picking stove board and connect the power supply of the equipment.The temperature controller is set in front of the product, and the rotary temperature controller can set the temperature.Turn on the power supply, light the power indicator, and rotate the thermostat clockwise.If abnormal phenomena occur in the course of use, the use must be stopped immediately. After checking and troubleshooting, the use can be continued.

Be careful of burns when tidying up food.Do not use any other cleaning pads which damage the nickel alloy of the heating plate, such as some rough pads, alcohol or compounds, etc.Do not use sprinkler pipe to directly spray and flush panel and electrical equipment of electric box.

Burger Patty Microwave Heating Machine
Burger Patty Microwave Heating Machine See the news list>>

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