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Burger Bread Microwave Heating Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-26 14:52:35
Burger Bread Microwave Heating Machine

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the development of science and technology. The toaster has gradually entered people's life, which shows that it has a broad application prospects in China. Eating bread is a habit of Westerners, and it has been gradually accepted by many people in China, especially by young people. And the burger bread microwave heating machine has become necessary for people, because it originated from abroad, so the production technology of foreign toasters is relatively advanced.

The burger bread microwave heating machine is a common kitchen utensil, mainly used to bake bread. A toaster usually includes a multi-functional oven, insulated oven surface, special lifting device, etc. More advanced also includes a detachable breadcrumb chassis.

The basic principles of any toaster are simple. The toaster uses infrared radiation to heat bread slices (for information about infrared radiation, see the working principle of hot water bottles). When you put in the bread and see the lines turn red, it is the coil that produces infrared radiation, which gradually dries and zooms the surface of the bread.

Burger Bread Microwave Heating Machine

The working principle of the toaster is as follows:
When you press the handle, the plastic rod oppresses the contacts to energize the circuit board. Current flows directly through the contacts into the nickel-chromium-iron alloy wire, thus starting to bake bread. A simple circuit consisting of transistors, resistors and capacitors is opened to electrify the electromagnet. The electromagnet absorbs the metal slices on the handle, leaving the bread in the toaster. Simple circuits act as timers. Capacitors are charged by resistors, and when it reaches a certain voltage, it cuts off the current to the electromagnet. The spring immediately popped out two pieces of bread. At the same time, the plastic pole rises and cuts off the power supply of the toaster.

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