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Fish Meal Microwave Dryer Machine

Pub Time : 2018-12-26 15:18:36
Fish Meal Microwave Dryer Machine

Fish meal microwave dryer machine is mainly used for processing fish meal from low-economic value fish, fish processing waste or some crustaceans and cephalopods. In addition to the production of feeding fish meal, if the raw material is fresh and the equipment meets sanitary conditions, it can also be used to produce edible fish meal. Industrial fishmeal processing machinery has appeared in the 1920s. Due to the different processing technology, it can be roughly divided into dry processing machinery and wet processing machinery 2 categories. In the 1960s, centrifugal wet processing machinery appeared in the latter category.

This microwave dryer machine has simple structure, less equipment, suitable for processing less fat raw materials. However, due to the high temperature of the raw material in the drying machine, the oil is easy to oxidize, resulting in poor quality fish oil. At present, only a few regions in the world have adopted it.

Fish Meal Microwave Dryer Machine

The machine is mainly composed of shredder, boiler, press, fish oil separator, juice concentrator, dryer, grinder and so on. The raw material is first cut into small pieces by a shredder, cooked through a steamer, and most of the water and fish oil are extracted by a press. After the fish oil is separated by a fish oil separator, the remaining juice (containing 6-8% water-soluble protein) is concentrated in an evaporator, mixed with a press cake and sent to a dryer for drying. Then by the crusher into powder. The typical mechanical process of wet manufacturing is shown in the figure. The cutter cuts the raw material into pieces by the shear force between a row of fixed blades on the housing and a number of blades rotating at high speed along the shaft.

Fish Meal Microwave Dryer Machine

According to the heating mode, the dryer can be divided into direct and indirect heating type. Direct heating type, also known as direct flame dryer, to open fire heating air as the medium, through the drying chamber and the material directly in contact with heating, while the material evaporates out of the water vapor. This kind of equipment is simple in structure and convenient in manufacture, but the hot air temperature is high, which will make the material overheat locally and destroy some nutrients. Indirect heating dryer is generally steam as the heating medium, through the metal surface heat transfer to the material. According to its structure can be divided into rotary cylinder type, disk type, coil type, plate tube type. Rotary drum dryer because of its large volume, heat transfer efficiency is not high, has been used less. Disk type, coil type, plate tube type dryer structure is similar, are composed of a horizontal cylinder (mostly with steam jacket) and the heating element rotating on its Central Line. They differ in whether disks or coils or plates are mounted vertically on the hollow shaft of the heating element. Steam passes through the hollow shaft and is distributed to disks or coils or plates. Condensed water is derived from the central pipe in the hollow shaft. This structure increases the heat transfer area of heating components and the heat transfer efficiency is higher. The outer edge of each disc, coil or plate tube is provided with a small bracket plate, which can not only stir and scrape the material, but also have the effect of slowly pushing the material forward. Plate-tube dryer was developed in the late 1970s, its structure is a circular plate in the middle, there are half spiral tubes on the right and left, steam from the hollow axis first through the left half spiral tube, and then through the circular plate into the right half spiral tube, condensed water is reflux to the central pipe discharge. This structure can make the steam more evenly distributed on the heating surface and the heat transfer efficiency is higher.

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