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Instant Noodle Food Microwave Sterilization Machinery

Pub Time : 2018-12-28 17:08:03
Instant Noodle Food Microwave Sterilization Machinery

With the development of economy and the progress of society, people's living and living festival has been accelerated and the cooking procedure has been simplified. Instant noodles between the world by people pupu favor, the market green good. At present, the country has developed to more than 1400 instant noodle production lines, and achieved good economic and social benefits. With the improvement of consumption level, the quality of instant noodles and the insufficiency of production technology have gradually aroused people's attention. If the new process is not adopted in a timely manner and the disadvantages in the traditional production process are removed, the market competitiveness of instant noodles will be reduced.

Instant Noodle Food Microwave Sterilization Machinery

Because the hot air drying type does not use grease, low production cost, the surface block is not easy to acid deterioration, often eat to health without damage; But the disadvantage is: starch. Low degree, poor rehydration, long drying and dehydration time, face block contraction, dark color, uneven paste on the surface, easy to muddy, taste appetite, physical and chemical health, sensory indicators are difficult to ensure that the market reflects poor. From the point of view of health, non-fried instant noodles have become more and more popular among consumers. In developed countries, the production and sales of non-oil Fried instant noodles have exceeded the frying convenience. Not long in the future, China will also be bound to instant noodles production and marketing focus on non-fried transfer. The enterprise of instant noodle system should see this development trend clearly, do not have rain to stretch early, begin from product quality, cost, change traditional craft, update equipment, raise market competition ability of convenient surface.

Instant Noodle Food Microwave Sterilization Machinery

Micro-wave technology should be used in the production process of instant noodles. The microwave sterilization machine of instant noodles food can achieve considerable economic benefits and social benefits in the aspects of high efficiency energy saving, disinfection and sterilization, improvement of productivity and quality, improvement of labor conditions, etc. The product quality is greatly improved: the microwave-treated instant noodles are full in shape, Q degree is high, the color and taste of mouth is good, and the product is elastic, which preserves the traditional flavor of water surface; Noodles have porous, good rehydration, and constantly not muddy soup strip; Vitamin and other battalion nurtures can retain 60 % ~ 90 %, this value is far higher than the traditional process. Uniform heating, high efficiency and energy saving: microwave heating, microwave from four directions through the surface block, the face block directly for energy conversion, heating evenly; Because of the selectivity of microwave heating, the water absorbed by microwave can be much more than the dry material, can quickly swallow hair; No heat transfer medium is needed for heating, almost no energy loss, and the efficiency is 2~ 4 times higher than that of conventional heating method. Disinfection and sterilization, food safety and hygiene, long shelf life: no oil, oil saving noodles conform to the current development requirements of the "three low" trend of food, eliminate the hidden dangers caused by eating high-fat instant noodles, but also put an end to the damage caused by eating oxidized acid deterioration of instant noodles. Instant noodle food microwave sterilization machine makes the microorganism in the noodles by microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect of the same effect, true bacteria, each bacteria, not shaped into a carrier of bacteria in a very short time to be killed, to meet the requirements of disinfection and sterilization, food safety and hygiene.

Microwave technology of instant noodles has more economic and social benefits than traditional technology. However, few manufacturers currently use the technology, mainly due to inadequate knowledge of the technology, taking into account the cost of equipment upgrades and increased power consumption. In fact, these costs can be recovered in less than a year. Microwave technology applied to instant noodle production, in order to improve the quality of products, reduce costs, improve market competitiveness, protect people's health, is undoubtedly of positive significance, its application prospects are very broad.

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