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Soyabean Protein Microwave Drying Machine

Pub Time : 2019-01-02 14:13:39
Soyabean Protein Microwave Drying Machine

Soybean resources are very abundant in our country. It has become a new field actively developed by our country's food industry to use soybean as a deep processing of soybean products or as a basic raw material to blend soybean food.Application of Microwave Energy Technology in the Production of De-Star Soybean Protein Powder:
Soybeans contain a special smell - bean smell. The traditional soybean protein powder production process is soybean soaking refining - filtrating - concentration - vacuum drying (spray drying) - packaging (finished products). Its characteristics are: long production cycle, large investment in equipment, low utilization rate of soybean, high energy consumption, high labor intensity and high product cost. On the other hand, due to the use of traditional heat transfer drying method, not uniform heating can not effectively remove the smell of beans. Microwave dry starch removal process is: soybean - sorting - Microwave starch removal (sterilization) - peeling crushing - packaging (finished products). Soybean is sorted by the sorting machine and placed in continuous microwave equipment. After microwave is produced, the temperature of the whole soybean rises. The temperature inside and outside is basically the same. The wavelength of microwave is 6 cm. The penetration effect is excellent. Microwave can make the water molecules of soybean alternate at the frequency of 2.45 billion times per second, and produce super-strong alternating frequency and uniform heat energy. It is soybean integrity. Temperature rise is uniform and fast, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Soyabean Protein Microwave Drying Machine

In addition to soybean starch removal equipment, soyabean protein microwave drying machine is needed in the production and processing of many products in the food industry. In addition to odor, drying, sterilization of seafood, cooked food, bread crumb and other products, microwave equipment is needed in the production and processing of dozens of products, especially soybean fiber (usually called soybean dregs) is a good raw material. It contains a lot of protein, amino acids, vitamins and other food or food additives with high nutritional value, but it is wasted as feed at present. Rapid drying and sterilization of soybean fibers by tunnel continuous microwave equipment is the best way to reuse by-products of soybean.

Soyabean Protein Microwave Drying Machine

Working principle of soybean protein microwave drying machine: when the equipment is in operation, the microwave generator feeds the microwave into the drying box through the waveguide, and the special materials are continuously fed into the drying box by the conveyor belt. The water molecules in the material rotate rapidly under the action of the external high speed alternating electromagnetic field, so the molecules produce intense friction and heat, resulting in evaporation of water, achieving the purpose of drying.Main features: made of all stainless steel, continuous transmission tunnel; Imported infrared temperature measuring and monitoring device; Using teflon coated conveyor belt; No running material, with belt deviation prevention, skid mechanism, smooth and reliable operation; Beautiful appearance design; Easy maintenance and operation; Easy to clean; Uniform electric field distribution, maximum temperature difference of material is not more than + / - 3 ℃.

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