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Peanut Skin Peeling Thresh Microwave Drying Machine

Pub Time : 2019-01-02 17:07:47
Peanut Skin Peeling Thresh Microwave Drying Machine

Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave. When polar molecules (water molecules) are encountered, microwave heats the material fluctuatively and is eventually absorbed by the material. Under the action of microwave field, polar molecule (water molecule) will change rapidly from the original state to the polarity according to the state of electric field with the change of magnetic pole. This change movement changes at the frequency of 2.45 billion times per second (taking 2450 HMZ frequency microwave as an example), resulting in the violent movement of molecule and friction collision, thus the material produces heat, and the temperature of the material keeps rising. High, this is the basic principle of microwave heating material. The microwave penetration ability is strong, which can heat both inside and outside the material at the same time. On the other hand, because microwave does not heat air, that is to say, air does not absorb microwave, so there is no heat radiation loss, which saves more than 30% energy than steam heating and far infrared heating.

Peanut Skin Peeling Thresh Microwave Drying Machine

Microwave Principle: Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave with very short wavelength. Like radio wave, infrared wave and visible light, it belongs to electromagnetic wave. The frequency range of microwave is from 300MHZ to 300KMHZ, that is, the wavelength range is from 1mm to 1m. The principle of microwave heating and drying is that microwave interacts with matter molecules in fast changing high frequency electromagnetic field, and is absorbed to produce heat effect. Microwave energy is directly converted into medium heat energy. After microwave is absorbed by the object, the object spontaneously heats up. Heating starts from both inside and outside of the object at the same time. Different substances can absorb microwave at the same time. The ability of different substances to absorb microwave is different. At the same time, the heating effect is different, which mainly depends on the material loss. Water is a substance that absorbs microwave very strongly. Generally, substances containing water can be heated by microwave, which is fast and uniform and achieves good results.

Peanut Skin Peeling Thresh Microwave Drying Machine

Microwave drying machine characteristics:

Fast drying speed. Conventional methods such as steam drying, electrothermal drying, hot air drying, etc., need more than ten hours to dehydrate from 10% to less than 1%, only ten minutes to adopt microwave drying; six to seven hours to dehydrate from 5% to less than 1%, only a few minutes to adopt microwave drying; from 30% to 20% to dehydrate from 30% to 20%, and only 20 hours to adopt microwave drying. About a minute.Conventional thermal drying often has heat loss in the environment and equipment, and the indoor environment temperature is high. However, microwave directly acts on the material, so there is no additional energy loss, and microwave drying treatment does not have the above phenomena. The equipment can be used immediately without the thermal inertia of conventional thermal drying. It is flexible and convenient to operate. The microwave power can be adjusted. The transmission speed can be continuously adjusted from zero to facilitate operation. Maintain the original color of the material. Because peanut skin peeling thresh microwave drying machine does not need heat conduction, the material itself is heated, the drying speed is fast, and the temperature of contacting material is much lower than that of conventional method, it will not cause material fission. Pipeline operation, good operating environment. Compared with conventional methods, microwave equipment does not need boilers, complex pipeline systems, coal yards and transport vehicles, as long as it has the basic conditions of water and electricity. Generally speaking, it can save 30% - 50% of electricity. Improve the working conditions and save the area. The working environment of the equipment is low and the noise is low, which greatly improves the working conditions. The operation of the whole set of microwave equipment only needs 2-3 people. Microwave drying equipment can be connected with feeding machine, discharging conveyor, vibrating screen, packaging machine and other equipment to form a production line, which greatly improves labor productivity. There is no dust flying in the workshop, which meets the national GMP production standards.

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