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Food Microwave Drying Equipment

Pub Time : 2019-01-03 09:05:37
Food Microwave Drying Equipment

With the development of society, people pay more and more attention to the quality of dried food products, and put forward higher requirements for the quality of food. Drying process has a great influence on the quality of food products, and sometimes even plays a decisive role. At present, the dominant hot air drying destroys the color, vitamin C and other bioactive substances of food to a greater extent, so high-tech food drying plays an increasingly important role. In addition to the innovations in high-tech drying methods and methods, some traditional drying methods are constantly innovating. Vacuum freeze-drying technology, adsorption freeze-drying technology, microwave drying technology and infrared heating drying technology are all advanced drying technology in the world.

Food Microwave Drying Equipment

Development Trend of Drying Equipment:
Traditional microwave drying equipment
The traditional dryer mainly includes box dryer, tunnel dryer, rotary dryer, drum dryer, belt dryer, disc dryer, paddle dryer, fluidized bed dryer, spouted bed dryer, spray dryer, air dryer, etc. These traditional drying technologies have a long history of development, maturity and reliability, and have been widely used in various countries in the world. Relatively, the traditional dryer has low working efficiency, great damage to dry food and high energy consumption, so the innovation of drying equipment is imperative.

Food Microwave Drying Equipment

Development Direction of Drying Equipment:
At present, the main technical innovation direction of drying equipment in the world is to effectively use energy, improve product quality and output, reduce environmental pollution, safe operation, easy control and multi-purpose. Specific research directions are.Design and manufacture of new drying equipment or drying process. Various dryers are combined to complete the drying of a product. Avoid or reduce environmental pollution.Safer and reliable operation. Reduce energy consumption and equipment manufacturing cost in general. For example, in the energy-saving drying of food, we should focus on the development of solar drying, microwave and high-frequency dryer, vacuum microwave combination of new drying equipment, hot air efficient energy-saving drying.

Food Microwave Drying Equipment
Microwave heating is to make the heating object itself become a heating body, microwave passing through food from all sides, heating both inside and outside the food,neither need heat transfer medium,nor use convection,both inside and outside the food temperature rises at the same time,heating speed is fast and uniform,only need a fraction of the calories consumed by traditional heating methods, and can better retain the original color and fragrance of food and vitamins. This is the case. At the same time, this technology is highly sought after by the food industry because there is no change in the microstructure of the material due to the surface tension of the capillary. The use of atmospheric microwave drying alone often leads to local overheating in food and seriously affects the quality of products, especially in the late drying stage. The combination of microwave drying and hot air drying can not only improve the drying speed, but also improve the quality of drying products. Combining microwave with other drying methods, microwave-assisted drying is one of the directions of current drying technology research and development. For example, microwave vacuum drying is an organic combination of microwave technology and vacuum technology, giving full play to the characteristics of fast and uniform microwave heating and low vaporization point of water under vacuum conditions. Combining microwave heating technology with vacuum drying or other drying methods, many new drying devices have emerged, which endows microwave drying with new connotation and vitality.

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