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Ready Meal Microwave Heating Equipment

Pub Time : 2019-01-08 09:11:06
Ready Meal Microwave Heating Equipment

Introduction to the Advantages of Microwave Heating Equipment:
The machine is made of food grade stainless steel, beautiful and generous, and easy to clean.Drying, efficient and uniform, sterilizing thoroughly;Small and delicate, easy to move;Microwave system core components are independently developed and manufactured or strictly customized according to Qianhong standard; Special electrical components adopt domestic industry standards;Optional human-machine interface operation, P L C automatic control, easy operation;Free setting of process parameters, multiple process curves can be set;The hopper material adopts PTFE material, which is high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and easy to clean;adopts non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology with high accuracy and simple control;Intelligent control with adjustable power and interlocking temperature and humidity.

Ready Meal Microwave Heating Equipment

Dielectrics can be divided into non-polar and polar molecular dielectrics. Usually they are arranged irregularly. If they are placed in an alternating electric field, the polar molecular orientation of these media will change with the change of electric field polarity, which is called polarization. The stronger the external electric field is, the stronger the polarization is, the faster the polarization of the external electric field changes, and the faster the polarization is, the more intense the thermal motion of the molecule and the friction between the adjacent molecules are. Thus, the conversion of electromagnetic energy to thermal energy can be realized. A kind of
Material consisting of polar molecules can absorb microwave well. Water is the best medium to absorb microwave. Therefore, any substance containing water must absorb microwave. The other is composed of non-polar molecules, which basically do not absorb or rarely absorb microwave. These substances include polyvinyl fluoride, polypropylene and other plastic products, glass, ceramics, etc. They can pass through microwave, but not absorb microwave. These materials can be used as containers or supports for microwave heating, or as microwave sealing materials. For conductive metal materials, radio waves can not penetrate into the interior and be reflected, and metal materials can not absorb microwave.

Ready meal microwave heating equipment principle:

Ready Meal Microwave Heating Equipment

Microwave heating, which is caused by the loss of electric field energy by the dielectric material itself, is completely different from other conventional heating methods. Traditional heating method is based on the principle of heat conduction, convection and radiation to transfer heat from the outside to the material. Heat is always transferred from the surface to the inside to heat the material. Thermal gradient inevitably exists in the material, so the material heated is not uniform, resulting in local overheating of the material. Microwave heating can raise the temperature of heated material by high frequency reciprocating motion of dipole molecule inside the heated body. Without any heat conduction process, it can make both inside and outside of the material heated at the same time. The heating speed is fast and uniform. The heating purpose can be achieved only by using a fraction or a dozen parts of the energy consumption of the traditional heating method. Theoretical analysis shows that the amount of heat generated by matter in microwave field is closely related to the type of matter and its dielectric properties, that is, microwave has selective heating characteristics for matter.

Characteristics of microwave heating:
(1) Penetrating heating with fast heating speed. The penetration distance is theoretically the same order of magnitude as the wavelength of electromagnetic wave. Microwave heating is to make the heated object itself become a heating object. It is called the whole heating mode. It does not need the process of heat conduction, so it can be heated in a short time. When heated by microwave, the parts of the object, regardless of their shape, can usually penetrate the electromagnetic wave evenly to generate heat, which greatly improves the inefficiency of medium material heating.(2) Heating uniformly. When heated by microwave, all parts of an object, regardless of their shape, can usually penetrate microwave uniformly to generate heat. Therefore, the uniformity is greatly improved. It can avoid the phenomena of endogenous coke, dry coke and wet coke, and improve the quality of food products, which is conducive to the the quality of food materials. (3) Low temperature and short time sterilization. Microwave heating sterilization is a combination of thermal effect and non-thermal effect (biological effect). Compared with conventional thermal sterilization, microwave heating sterilization has the characteristics of low temperature and short time sterilization. Not only is it safe and safe, but also it can keep the nutritional components of food from being lost and destroyed. It is beneficial to maintain the original quality of the product, and less loss of color, aroma, taste and nutrients. It is also very beneficial to the maintenance of vitamin C and amino acids. Experiments show that the nutrient contents of chlorophyll and vitamin are only 3% in dried fresh vegetables, 17% in shade, 40% in hot air drying, 60%-90% in microwave drying and 97% in microwave sublimation drying. (4) Microwave puffing. Utilizing the internal heating characteristics of microwave, the material's interior is heated rapidly to produce a large amount of steam, which rushes out to form numerous micro-channels, thus expanding and loosening the material's structure. Compared with the frying and drying expansion, it does not destroy the original ingredients of the material, and has the advantages of easy deterioration and low calorific value.

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