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Microwave Medical Products Sterilization Equipment

Pub Time : 2019-01-08 13:50:59
Microwave Medical Products Sterilization Equipment

Medical devices refer to all kinds of devices used in the medical field, including all kinds of devices used in clinical diagnosis and treatment, medical experiments and so on.All kinds of equipment for clinical examination.Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of medical devices are one of the key means to prevent and control hospital infection and ensure medical quality. It can be said that without the excellent disinfection and sterilization technology of medical devices, there would be no development of modern surgical technology, no guarantee of the implementation of various invasive diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, and no such brilliant achievements could be achieved in modern medicine.

With the development of modern medical technology, especially the development of modern surgical technology, the requirement for disinfection and sterilization technology is becoming higher and stronger. It is more and more important to introduce and use new technology and methods in disinfection and sterilization, and to use disinfection and sterilization technology scientifically and reasonably.

Microwave Medical Products Sterilization Equipment

Microwave action at a certain frequency and wavelength can kill most microorganisms. The pre-broken and wetted waste is stimulated by microwave to generate heat and release steam, and the moisture in the waste is heated to 95 degrees Celsius by microwave. Thus, sterilization of medical waste can be completed.Microwave medical products sterilization equipment has only been applied in recent years. It can be used not only in the field treatment of medical waste, but also in the waste transfer treatment. It can greatly reduce the volume of waste.

Microwave Medical Products Sterilization Equipment

Microwave sterilization equipment is the result of the combined action of the thermal effect and biological effect of electromagnetic field. The thermal effect of microwave on bacteria is to make protein change, make bacteria lose nutrition, reproduction and living conditions and die. The biological effect of microwave on bacteria is that the microwave electric field changes the potential distribution of the cell membrane section, affects the concentration of electrons and ions around the cell membrane, and thus changes the permeability of the cell membrane. As a result, the bacteria are malnourished, unable to have a normal metabolism, and the cell structure is dysfunctional. Growth and development are inhibited and they die. In addition, microwave can make the nucleic acid RNA that bacterium grows normally and stable heredity reproduces and deoxyribonucleic acid DNA, it is by a few hydrogen bonds flabby, break and recombine, cause genetic gene mutation thereby, or chromosome aberration breaks even.

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