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Microwave Equipment Spare Parts

Pub Time : 2019-01-08 14:12:46
Microwave Equipment Spare Parts

In recent two years, the microwave equipment market has entered an unprecedented high-speed development. Large and small enterprises have risen rapidly. Although the development is good, the market competition has become a headache for each company. Faced with no qualifications, no resources. Companies began to innovate in a way. Then came the questions.Since the microwave equipment entered the stage of industrialized production, it has been moving towards the phenomenon of establishing different portals, but at the earliest stage, it did not bring some bad habits into it. In the past two years, facing the benefits and simple equipment manufacturing, the state has no strict form of technical requirements. The expansionary development of the market will bring a fatal threat to the industry.

Microwave Equipment Spare Parts

Although microwave equipment spare parts is a mature equipment, its quality and safety should be the most important, [microwave equipment] as its name implies, we all know that the carrier is treated by microwave radiation. Microwave radiation is the most important joint of the whole equipment. Suppressor is the most important.Regular manufacturer's suppressor is to go through a very complex processing process, every link, even the installation of each rivet, must be very strict, [suppressor space, density] are to be strictly handled and processed. Only in this way can the leakage wave safety of the equipment be guaranteed. Microwave radiation is invisible, in a short time the human body will not feel uncomfortable, but a long time of work will cause great harm to the human body!

Microwave Equipment Spare Parts

Microwave equipment is mainly made up of magnetism.Control tube, excitation chamber, transformer, high voltage capacitor, silicon stack. Power cord. And some electrical switches.Material quality of equipment may be a problem for customers.Very strange, this is the easiest place for manufacturers to start, microwave equipment in addition to some necessary angle steel will not fake, the thickness of other parts of the material will be greatly reduced. For example, webs and power racks, which should have been more than 1.2 mm, were reduced to 0.8! The frame bridge itself should be 2.0, and finally 1.5! Even smaller.

Requirements are very strict, that link is slightly flawed, the entire equipment will face suspension! The quality of equipment may not be seen by customers during the warranty period. If there is a problem with the equipment within one year of the warranty period, it is bound to communicate with the manufacturer. At this time, if the price you bought at that time was lower than the lowest price of the equipment from the regular manufacturer, how could anyone do after-sales? Your purchase price is already very low, even if the manufacturer compresses the cost of all equipment, he does not have much profit to do, or no funds to improve after-sales maintenance. This is a problem that will not be faced for a short time after purchasing equipment, but it will be a problem that will certainly be faced.

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