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Microwave Drying Baking Roasting Equipment

Pub Time : 2019-01-09 10:42:23
Microwave Drying Baking Roasting Equipment

Microwave drying equipment, also known as microwave dryer, is used to dry food, medicinal materials, wood, building materials, cardboard.Compared with traditional drying equipment, microwave drying equipment has the characteristics of fast drying speed, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, and is a new type of equipment responding to low carbon economy. The working principle of microwave drying equipment is to use the penetrating heating of microwave to raise the temperature of material, vaporize and evaporate the water vapor in the material, and evaporate the water vapor from the dehumidification system to achieve the purpose of drying material.

Microwave Drying Baking Roasting Equipment

Microwave Drying Baking Roasting Equipment:
Electromagnetic radiation drying is to use the electromagnetic induction or infrared radiation effect of microwave to heat and dry materials. Different from other external heating drying methods, this drying method is a method of uniform heating from both outside and inside of the material. Therefore, this drying method has a short time, does not deteriorate or coke due to overheating, and its drying products are of good quality, especially the drying effect of heat-sensitive food is more satisfactory.

Microwave Drying Baking Roasting Equipment

The microwave dryer consists of rectangular resonator, input waveguide, reflector and agitator. As shown in Figure 10-11. Microwave is transmitted to the rectangular box through waveguide device. The dimensions of each side of the rectangular box are larger than 1/2 wavelength. Waves are reflected from different directions. The dried material can absorb microwave energy in all directions of the cavity and be heated and dried. The unabsorbed microwave can pass through the material to reach the wall of the box, which is refracted to the material by reflection. In this way, microwave energy can be used for heating and drying of materials.

Microwave drying is an efficient, energy-saving, stable, reliable, simple equipment, easy operation and new technology. Microwave dryer is characterized by continuous production of equipment, only need electricity, no need for other energy, can quickly dry materials, equipment occupies a small area, pollution-free, simple operation; no need for preheating and no energy loss after shutdown. Less labor, high quality products. The advanced equipment is a high-tech product which can not be replaced by other equipment.Microwave refers to electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging from 300 MHz to 300 MHz. The water molecule in the heated medium material is a polar molecule. Under the fast changing high frequency electromagnetic field, its polar orientation will change with the change of external electric field, resulting in the movement of molecules and mutual friction effect. At this time, the field energy of microwave field can be transformed into heat energy in the medium, which makes the material temperature rise, produces a series of physical and chemical processes such as heating and expansion, and achieves the purpose of microwave heating and drying.

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