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Apricot Kernel Shelling Microwave Drying Machine

Pub Time : 2019-01-09 15:37:19
Apricot Kernel Shelling Microwave Drying Machine

Shell breaking is a process that must be carried out before deep processing of shelled materials. Nut shell breaking is very important but difficult in agricultural products processing. Therefore, this paper only discusses nut shell breaking. The most representative nuts in China are walnuts, almonds, white nuts and pine nuts, and similar nuts are chestnuts. Here we call them nuts. These fruits are rich in nutrition, unique in taste, and have certain medicinal value. They are increasingly welcomed and loved by people, and their yields have increased substantially year by year. In the process of deep processing, crushing of raw materials is an important and difficult process. The shell weight of this kind of nut accounts for a large proportion, and its nutrient content is low. There are few edible components directly processed, and the existence of shell seriously hinders the extraction of effective components in the process. The shell of this kind of fruit is mainly composed of lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose, which is irregular in shape and hard to peel.

Apricot Kernel Shelling Microwave Drying Machine

Nuts refer mainly to fruits with hard shells. The most representative nuts produced in our country are dried lotus seeds, walnuts, almonds, white nuts and pine nuts. In the process of deep processing, shelling is a key process. Nut hulls are mainly composed of cellulose and hemicellulose, which are hard and difficult to peel. Nut varieties are complex, with large size differences and irregular shapes. Nut hulls can not destroy the quality of kernels while peeling. Physical peeling methods can destroy the quality of kernels to varying degrees, so it is difficult to peel nuts.

Principle of apricot kernel shelling microwave drying machine:

Apricot Kernel Shelling Microwave Drying Machine

The principle is to form high-pressure water vapor in the grain by microwave heating. When the pressure of high-pressure water vapor on the pericarp is greater than the ultimate tensile stress of the pericarp, the pericarp breaks and the shell breaks. In the process of breaking shell by microwave, the dense structure of nut peel is an important guarantee for the formation of high pressure inside the nut; the moisture content in the nut is the material basis for the generation of high pressure water vapor inside the nut; and the heating temperature of microwave is the external driving force for the generation of high pressure water vapor.

With the continuous development of nut planting industry, the demand for deep processing products of nuts at home and abroad is increasing. It is necessary to improve the mechanized operation level of nut shell breaking. Nut crusher plays an active role in improving labor productivity and reducing labor intensity. It promotes the scientific and technological progress of nut processing industry and provides space for the development of nut crusher.Apricot kernel shelling microwave drying machine plays an indelible role.

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