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Industrial Microwave Heating Machine

Pub Time : 2019-01-10 11:05:45

Industrial Application of Microwave Heating Machine:

Industrial Microwave Heating Machine

Microwave refers to an electromagnetic wave that can penetrate into an object and heat it as a whole. Microwave heating system is consists of an electromagnetic wave generator and a metal heating chamber capable of reflecting microwave to a heated object. Modern microwave ovens usually have a circular cross section, which is more uniform than square ovens.In addition to single microwave heating, there is also a composite heating furnace. Microwave heating combined with other forms of heating,
Or several different frequencies of microwave heating. The microwave oven with hot air can be used for heating or drying materials. This kind of heating furnace is most suitable for solving high temperature and large volume of material flow, and only uses microwave heating for high economic cost applications. In addition to the conventional 2.454 GHz frequency, the multi-frequency microwave oven should be equipped with one or two other frequencies.The advantage is that it can be applied to applications with special shape, thickness or that are not easily heated by microwave.

Industrial Microwave Heating Machine

Microwave heating is mainly used in drying heat sensitive products in ceramic industry. Heating with traditional heating methods is required.Long drying time and high waste rate. The newly developed method of removing adhesives by microwave heating machine has been used in high pressure grouting ceramics process (CIM).Microwave heating is used in the pre-drying of ceramic blanks on the automatic production line of ceramics. At this stage, the billet itself has enough strength to avoid deformation, but there is still a certain humidity to install the handle and repair the billet. During production and processing, soft ceramic blanks are pressed or poured into gypsum moulds to form the blanks. Subsequently, the plate or cup blanks are fed into the microwave dryer together with the mold, and dried to the required humidity. Finally, the tableware products are removed from the mould and the next process is carried out. The advantage of microwave drying tableware is to reduce drying time, which can reduce the need for molds. Also due to compared with the conventional drying method, the heating is uniform, the edge cracking is avoided, the product quality is improved, and the waste rate is reduced.

Industrial Microwave Heating Machine

The production of high-quality porcelain paintings is usually made by professional manufacturers. These paintings or groups of paintings are often made of hundreds of pieces of porcelain.Yes, it's very laborious manual work. Because of the great difference in wall thickness, the drying speed needs to be very slow to avoid cracks. Usually the drying time varies from days to months depending on the size of the picture. Microwave drying, even the largest picture, takes only a few days to dry. This miraculously speeds up the delivery time, increases the flexibility of production and reduces the cost.

One of the earliest applications of microwave heating in plastic processing is vulcanized rubber. This method is aging treated plastic.Material or resin products or post-processed products. A large number of literatures have studied the influence of microwave on the polymerization process, the influence of mechanical properties and polymerization time, and the change of plastics properties. The adhesive can be removed by microwave before plastics are used. Without this treatment, new plastic products will smell and affect health.

In summary, the microwave heating technology is fast, nutritious and flavor-preserving, uniform, disinfection and sterilization, energy-saving, hygienic and safe.
Non-pollution, high efficiency, convenience, controllability, small investment, conducive to improving product quality, prolonging shelf life, improving labor conditions, and realizing production automation, is an advanced technology worthy of promotion.

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