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Pretreatment Processing Line

Pub Time : 2019-01-15 10:18:54

With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the consumption of vegetable oil in China is increasing at an annual rate of 5.7%. At present, the per capita urban consumption is close to the world's per capita annual oil consumption of 18.6kg. With the increase of consumption, people have higher and higher requirements for oil quality, which is developing towards the high level of nutrition and hygiene.

Salad oil is to pass through the pretreatment, extraction from plant oil hair oil by degumming, deacidifying, decoloring, deodorization process refined but become, thoroughly remove the oil in a variety of harmful substances, the clear and transparent appearance, texture is pure health, smoke point above 210 degrees, few soot generated when using, is beneficial to the health of human body, is popular among consumers.

Pretreatment Processing Line:

Pretreatment Processing Line

Soybean salad oil is a kind of high-grade edible oil obtained from soybean after leaching and refining. In China, the soybean market share accounted for 26.2% of the 25, although China is the world's oil production country, however, faced with the enormous pressure of population and the increasing of vegetable oil consumption, far cannot meet the demand, China's domestic production countries each year shall be from the United States, Argentina, Brazil and other countries to import large quantities of soybean, the import quantity was more than 15 million tons per year, equivalent to the soybean output in China. The port of xinsha in mayong town can berth 110,000 ton freighters, which provides very convenient conditions for the arrival of imported soybeans.

Pretreatment Processing Line

Puffed materials from processing line first by the scraper conveyor into closed ground dragon, in case of solvent gas to escape, material into the annular leacher drag chain, contact with the solvent reflux, grease can be extracted, mixed oil concentration of 25 to 25% from 2%, 25, mix the oil from the discharge of extractor, the liquid rotary separator separation pulp into last evaporation system, using the condenser by vacuum system of non-condensable gas and vapor mixture mixed oil preheating, mix the oil into the first long tube evaporator, 58 ℃, the outlet temperature concentration was 65% after 25, mix the oil into the second long tube evaporator, In the mixed oil was heated to 90 ℃, the concentration of 95% 25, mix the oil into the stripper, the removal of remaining in the mixed oil, a small amount of solvent, oil outlet temperature of 105 ℃, total volatile oil leaching hair no more than 0.2% of 25, leaching oil finally after heat transfer to the refining workshop.

Pretreatment Processing Line

Solvent gas entering the condenser, the non-condensable gas into a same secondary steam of steam, in addition to one of the shell side of the steam condensate from into the points outside the tank, the system all the condenser condensate pool to set in tank, pump into the economizer and vapor exchanged directly into the economizer, due to the direct contact heat transfer enhanced the condensate temperature, after water fresh solvent can no longer or less heat can enter the annular leacher. The extractor, the first steam, the second steam and the stripper are respectively equipped with their own condensers. The condensate is collected in the energy saving device and then condensed together with the steam after heat exchange. The condensate is put into the solvent tank. The final non-condensable gas is fed into the tail gas condenser, which is treated by the paraffin absorption system, and the exhaust gas is discharged by the fan.

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