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Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Process

Pub Time : 2019-01-16 11:14:21

Genetically modified cottonseed oil: oil made from genetically modified cottonseed.
Cottonseed oil: Untreated cottonseed oil that cannot be directly used for human consumption.
Finished cottonseed oil: Cottonseed oil directly for human consumption after treatment, which meets the quality index and hygienic requirements of national standard finished oil.

Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Process

The refined cottonseed oil is usually orange or brown. The fatty acids contain 21.6-24.8% palmitic acid, 1.9-2.4% stearic acid, 0-0.1% arachidic acid, 18.0-30.7% oleic acid and 44.9-55.0% linoleic acid. The refined cottonseed oil removes gossypol and other toxic substances and can be edible. Cotton clear oil contains a large number of essential fatty acids for human body, and it is most suitable to be mixed with animal fat, because the content of linoleic acid in cotton clear oil is particularly high, which can effectively inhibit the rise of cholesterol in blood and maintain human health. The absorption rate of cotton clear oil in human body is 98%.

Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Process

Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Process:
1. fried seeds
Generally put 1/4 to 1/3 of the capacity in the pot, stir-fry evenly, turn over frequently, fire can not be too big, so as to avoid the shell scorching. After stir-frying, the cottonseed is leveled in the trough, and the hot steam is lost in a barrel, so that it is easy to sift and clean after cooling.
2. sifting
Artificial or fixed sieves are used to remove soil and impurities.

3. Grinding
When grinding, the cutting stock should be less, and it should be uniform and continuous.Cottonseed oil flow, grinding speed appropriate fast, so that cottonseed is easy to break.

Oil Manufacturing Process:

Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Process

4. Add water
Sprinkle water with the roller ring groove, while grinding, sprinkle water and turn over seeds at the same time, so that the billet draught uniformly, grinding uniformly, about 20 Minutes, until the fine billet does not form a ball.
5. steam billet
When the powder is poured into the steaming barrel, it should be leveled by hand so that the air permeability in the steaming barrel is uniform, and the temperature and moisture of the billet are the same. The bottom of the steaming barrel is round like the back of a dustpan. The heat is uniform. The water level of the steaming pot keeps the same. The distance between the bottom of the steaming barrel and the water surface is more than 16 centimeters, and the fire should be uniform.
6. packets of cake
Packing cake should master dispersed package cake, to be fast, to pack flat and tight, to press concentrated and fast. Single circle pancakes, about 2 centimeters thick after pressing, should be shortened as far as possible to prevent the loss of heat in the billet.
7. press
When the cake is first pressed, the distance between the circle and the circle should be adjusted so as not to make the cake uneven. When tightening, the oil flow should not be lined up. When the oil line is broken, it can be squeezed for another 2 hours.
8. Clarification and filtration
There are many impurities in crude oil. It should be cooled quickly and filtered after standing for a period of time in order to avoid the deepening of color and increase oil refining loss.

Edible efficacy of cottonseed oil:
Chinese scholars have found that eating crude cottonseed oil can cause spermatogenic cell damage, leading to testicular atrophy, no sperm production, resulting in infertility.Cottonseed oil is the oil obtained by pressing cottonseed seeds. It is a powerful spermicide. Cottonseed mainly contains cottonseed oil phenol, which is a phenotoxic glycoside. Cottonseed oil phenol is toxic to liver, blood vessel, intestine and nervous system. Free gossypol also affects most men's sexual desire.

The sequelae of cottonseed oil poisoning is damage to reproductive system. It leads to long-term infertility in male reproductive system, irregular menstruation or amenorrhea in female and atrophy of uterus.Adult men took gossypol, an extract of wool cottonseed oil, for 40 days, 60-70 mg a day. In a short period of time, all sperm were killed and gradually disappeared from semen.Long-term consumption of large quantities of crude cottonseed oil can also make people suffer from sunburn. The symptoms are onset after sunshine, weakness or Hypohidrosis of the whole body, hot skin, flushing, short breath, dizziness, numbness of limbs and loss of appetite.It is said that there are refining processes that can reduce toxicity.

Cottonseed Oil Refining Method:
Cottonseed oil is also the main edible oil. However, wool cotton oil contains gossypol (about 1%), gum and wax (the content depends on the shell content of oil cotton embryo), which is not suitable for direct consumption, and its refining process is more complex. Filtration of Crude Oil Preheating Oil-base Ratio Mixed Reaction Soap Removal Washing Dehydration Drying Cotton Clean Oil Cotton Clean Oil Soap Foot Wastewater.

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